Sunday, November 23, 2008

On The Day We Scavenged

Yesterday, the college group from the church Brad grew up in came to Chicago. We met up with them and participated in the group Scavenger hunt. :) Some of the items we had to capture were, a picture of the group with a shopping bag, A picture of at least one group member on a security camera ect... :)

After the scavenger hunt, everyone (20 young adults) came over to our place. They wanted to get Chicago pizza, but because the group was so large (and it was the Lights Festival last night - one of the busiest winter afternoon/evenings here in the city) they all came to our place, and we ordered the Pizza. :)

To say the least - We had a full house. But it was so much fun! There were people playing Wii Tennis and BS (the card game - aka bologna, liar, ect... ). And perhaps the most amazing part of the whole evening is that parking worked out perfectly! (a rare occurrence at our place) Lol, Brad had double parked in front of our apartment building earlier in the day, to hopefully save both spots for the huge church van - and it worked out!

We had a great time - and now feel as if our apartment is huge! :) We know we can have 20 people over. And that 22 fully grown humans and 1 cat (not fully grown yet) can spend time in our apartment together. :)

Thanks for coming everyone! :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Someone Had A Birthday!!

Yesterday was the Sarah's first birthday as a Kidder!! :) and her 21st Birthday of Life!! I had so much fun shopping for all of Sarah's presents, spoiling my wonderful wife with everything I could think of and afford that she wanted!! We finished our day with a wonderful dinner at Texas De Brazil! For those of you who have never been to a resturant like this you must go. The meal is priced at a flat rate per person, for which you get acess to a 80+ item Salad and apitizer bar (compleate with sushi! YUCK) and an all you can eat meal of steak, chicken lamb and other fine meats served to from a saber, carried by an army of servers. Its a fun time and was a great place to celibrate Sarah's birthday! :)