Monday, November 9, 2009

You did what?!?!

The title of this post is reflective of your thoughts after you read the following.

What do you get if you put together:

1 dvd of a crackling fire
1 Chris Tomlin Christmas CD
1 Sarah Kidder
1 Brad Kidder
2 boxes of decorations

= 1 assembled Christmas Tree

That is right - we are crazy. It is November 9th and we have put up our tree. We held back though - we left the egg nog in the frige. :)

Brad asked me if we could set up our tree - then challenged another couple in our small group to see who could set up their tree first. It was Kruskas vs. Kidders. At that point I couldn't say no - anyone who knows me is aware that I get a little competitive when it comes to challenges or games.

I think Amy told Matt (the Kruska's) that they couldn't put up the tree until the house was clean (I gather this from a facebook status update). I told Brad a similar story - "Please assemble my new bookcase, I will do laundry and put the house back together after a fun weekend and then we can set up the tree."

Needless to say, the Kruska's won. :) We recieved a text message from Matt with a picture of their beautiful tree. Congratulations Kruskas - I am glad we aren't the only crazies in Chicago. We will back you up when they tease us at small group on Tuesday. Thanks for the healthy competion.

(Pictures coming soon of both the bookcase and the tree)