Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Update

Life just doesn't slow down does it? But isn't it wonderful how God gives us just enough grace to get through each day. I am surprised that the spring 2009 semester is over. Two weeks ago it seemed as if there were so many papers/projects/tests to do, I wasn't sure if I would be able to dig my way out. But here I am, one more quiz to do tomorrow and I am done. I can't believe it. 

The month of April held a trip across the country. We went to Texas to visit my family and had a wonderful time! Click here for pictures. 

Other big news: we were asked to join a small group made up of three other couples from church - which was a huge answer to prayer. We knew we wanted to get involved with a group of young married couples/young families, but since we are not able to attend a sunday school class (because we run the bookstore after services on Sundays - as pt of Brad's job) we didn't know how our desire for fellowship would be fulfilled.  We are so excited to be involved in a small group with Anthony and Simone (Who just had a baby! Little Eli, whose big sister, Mattie, is a doll!), Eric and Abby (Bekah, Ben - both blond little cuties - and little one on the way) and Dan and Amy (Christian - 13 month old, new walker who loves electronics :)). We meet Thursday nights, switching to Tuesdays soon, and are studying Habakkuk. We have had so much fun getting to know these sweet families - Thursday nights are a highlight of our week. 

Work is going well for Brad - he went to South Carolina for 5 days a few weeks ago to take a class on a computer program they use at Moody Church Media. He enjoyed fresh sea food and Charleston's southern hospitality. I missed him here - it is good to have him home. :)

I start two summer classes next monday - Intro to Philosophy and Sr Wellness (a fitness class). I am planning on hammering out three classes this summer, making my fall much lighter (I have three classes and my internship all lined up). It feels wonderful to have all the classes I need to graduate on my "enrolled" list. :) This December I'll be done - wow. 

Love to all - we are doing well! Come visit us this summer if you can! :) 

Hair Cut!

I do not get haircuts as often as the experts recommend.  Usually I go every 5 months - I don't know why I don't go more (yes I do - its called "no time") because my haircuts are free. Thats right. Free. 

"How do you swing that?" You may ask.... well, I am glad you did. I go to the ritzy Charles Ifergon Salon downtown Chicago. They retrain all of their new employees (who have been cutting hair for a minimum of 3 yrs) so that they know how to cut hair the "French way" :: INSERT "Ooohhh"::. They give "Models" (aka. women like me with no tolerance to pay $75 for haircuts) free haircuts. 

I have been going to Charles Ifergon for three years now (once every 5 months) and my cut today was the best yet! I love it!!! What do you think? :)