Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hair Cut!

I do not get haircuts as often as the experts recommend.  Usually I go every 5 months - I don't know why I don't go more (yes I do - its called "no time") because my haircuts are free. Thats right. Free. 

"How do you swing that?" You may ask.... well, I am glad you did. I go to the ritzy Charles Ifergon Salon downtown Chicago. They retrain all of their new employees (who have been cutting hair for a minimum of 3 yrs) so that they know how to cut hair the "French way" :: INSERT "Ooohhh"::. They give "Models" (aka. women like me with no tolerance to pay $75 for haircuts) free haircuts. 

I have been going to Charles Ifergon for three years now (once every 5 months) and my cut today was the best yet! I love it!!! What do you think? :)


kaw said...

super cute!!!


Drew and Rachel said...

Sarah and Brad,

though we've never met, I really enjoy getting a peek into your lives through your blog. thanks for sharing.