Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Update

Good Afternoon All,

We have had a busy few weeks and have some adventures ahead of us in the next few.

This last weekend we were excited to be able to attend my cousin Jessie's wedding in St Paul, MN. We had a great time visiting with family and catching up.

On the way home to Chicago we were able to pick up my sister Jana from the airport in Madison, WI and have dinner with her before bringing her to her friend Mollie's house where she is going to be for the next week and half. We went to Prime Quarter - a grill-your-own-steak restaurant. It was really fun to see Jana and spend some time with her before heading home.

We have established a routine here in our new home - it still feels surreal at times, but we are feeling settled.

This next weekend is free, we hope to get some projects done here around the house. Then the following Thursday (July 30th) we head to PA for my dear friend Linsey's wedding. We are road tripping it with three of our friends - it will be a full car! I am sure we will come back with lots of fun pictures from that trip - start getting excited. :)

Well, that is an update on our lives! We would love to hear from you! How is summer treating you?

Before and After - 2nd Bathroom


Its amazing what a gallon of oops paint* will do!

*For those of you who do not know what oops paint is - Man! Are you missing out - Oops paint is the paint that the nice guys at your local-friendly-hardware store make up for picky people who then don't like it! The rejected paint then goes to the "oops shelf" for loving, adventurous people like myself to buy for a HUGE discount! (I got this gallon for $1! And it was premium paint - I go for the deals)
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Our Porch

We have thoroughly enjoyed having a porch on which to grill and eat, read and relax.
Grilled Goodies for Summer 2009 (so far): Chicken, hamburgers, hotdogs, salmon and potato rounds (didn't work as well as anticipated - but hey, we tried!). Next we are going to try some Mahi Mahi.... We'll let you know how it goes!
I found that window in the ally! I am going to use it to decorate somewhere.... haven't decided yet. :)

Pretty flowers! Thanks Mom K!

Who'da thunk that we would use our outdoor chairs on our porch before we took them camping?
When we eat outside we bring our step-stool out. It functions well as a little table between our chairs.

We use the back stairs as our entrance, its closer to the garage, where the car lives - the stairs are to the right in this picture and the one above. So this is the view we get when we approach our house on an every-day basis. I love the star on the door - it says "Howdy" :)
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