Friday, August 29, 2008

Surprise weekend away!

The first week of our new fall schedule has gone well, I have classes on Tuesday and Thursdays and then work M W F. We have been wondering what to do this weekend (Monday is labor day, and we don't have to work! :) ) and hadn't been able to think of anything that sounded worthy of the long weekend. But Brad texted me yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, while I was in classes, "I have a huge surprise for you!" That got my interest piqued! :)

When Brad picked me up after work, he gave me a series of clues:

My reaction: "We are getting new hubcaps?!?!?!" lol we have been missing our front two hubcaps for some time now, and it was the first thing I noticed when I saw this picture.... "No, not hubcaps" Brad replied with a smile...

My Reply: "Cotton Candy! That is not healthy!"

Now, after seeing this, I immediately thought Minnesota, "We are going to Minnesota to hear John Piper on Sunday - no, WE ARE GOING TO THE FAIR!!!" :)

We leave this afternoon at about 2, we are so excited! We will post some pictures when we get back! :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Theology and Starbucks, Two Of My Favorite Things!!

For the past few days I have been spending my lunch hour each day at Starbucks, with a cup of black coffee and a good book. Today as I sat down to read I could not help but overhear two high school girls studying for a test. The girls were discussing the Protestant Reformation in Europe, and the various kings and queens that England had during that time. If there is any area of history that I have studied the most it has to be very era that they were discussing. The girls were quite confused... I listened to them struggle for a while before finally speaking up and asking from my chair 10 feet away, "Where do you girls go to School?" They responded "The Latin School" (which is a quite prestigious High School next to where I work) I said "I graduated with a Degree in Historical Theology, do you want some help?" They both laughed, and said "yes". I was relived that they realized I wanted to help and did not think I was some sort of pedafile or stalker! I proceeded to give a 10 to 15 minute lecture on the reformation, and was able to slip in a brief summation of the gospel! One girl was even taking notes on what I was saying! :) so I hope I had all my facts right! I was so thankful for the great teachers that I had at Moody, and just rememebered how much I love to disscus theology! If nothing else I think I at least got those two girls better grades!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer time - enjoy and improvise

This summer has been a lot of fun. We have really enjoyed setting up our home, having friends over, watching 24 :) and trying to beat our high score in Wii bowling - which can get a little competitive sometimes. :)

We love our apartment! It fits us so well, the only thing it is lacking is a back porch where we could put a grill, but we have improvised :). The broiler in the oven worked for hotdogs on the 4th of July! :) Brad is the grill/broiler master! :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Here we go!!

For some time now there has been a little voice in the back of my head, saying "Brad, you should start a blog so all of our friends and family can see what is going on with our life's". This voice, of course, belonged to my lovely wife Sarah! And as usual, Sarah was right. Hopefully this will help all of you to follow what we are up to here in Chicago!
Below are several pictures o
f our apartment for anyone who wants to see!