Thursday, August 14, 2008

Theology and Starbucks, Two Of My Favorite Things!!

For the past few days I have been spending my lunch hour each day at Starbucks, with a cup of black coffee and a good book. Today as I sat down to read I could not help but overhear two high school girls studying for a test. The girls were discussing the Protestant Reformation in Europe, and the various kings and queens that England had during that time. If there is any area of history that I have studied the most it has to be very era that they were discussing. The girls were quite confused... I listened to them struggle for a while before finally speaking up and asking from my chair 10 feet away, "Where do you girls go to School?" They responded "The Latin School" (which is a quite prestigious High School next to where I work) I said "I graduated with a Degree in Historical Theology, do you want some help?" They both laughed, and said "yes". I was relived that they realized I wanted to help and did not think I was some sort of pedafile or stalker! I proceeded to give a 10 to 15 minute lecture on the reformation, and was able to slip in a brief summation of the gospel! One girl was even taking notes on what I was saying! :) so I hope I had all my facts right! I was so thankful for the great teachers that I had at Moody, and just rememebered how much I love to disscus theology! If nothing else I think I at least got those two girls better grades!

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