Thursday, December 29, 2011

Photo Journal: Michael's 1st Bath at Home

Michael's Visitors

The Tapp Ladies stopped by the hospital before we left on Friday morning - it was a welcome distraction as we were packed and ready to go home 3 hours before we were discharged. :) 

 Camryn and Michael 


The next day, Saturday - Karmen Buck and Shanna Buck came over to see the little man,
 Karmen meeting Michael


 Love Karmen's face here - very "her" :)

Later that day, Mom and Dad Kidder arrived in town! 
 Greeting Grandma at the door. :)

 Grandpa and Michael :)

 Grandma and Michael - Grandpa is talking to Lucy in this one :)

So sorry Rusty, Misty, Michelle G, Carol and Jim, Laura and Josh, Keely and Jeremiah and Susan that I didn't have the camera close by when you stopped by! We appreciate you coming to see our little guy and are so thankful for your friendship!

Going Home

We wanted to go home ASAP after Michael arrived and we pushed to be out 24 hrs after he was born - we almost made it! They had to do a blood test on Mikey exactly 24 hours after his first feeding and even though he ate at 12:20 the nurses recorded that he ate at 1:00.... meaning we had to stay an extra hour..... Oh well - we were packed and ready to go! :)

 After having his heel pricked (again) - Michael was very ready to go home! "Get me out of here mom!"

I gathered quite a nice bracelet collection in our short stay! :)

 His going-home outfit - a friend correctly said, "It's a little Brad outfit!" :) Even though the pants and sweater were NB sized - they were pretty big on the little guy - oh well - it makes for some cute pictures! :)

 He has a dimple on his right cheek - just like his mamma! :) 

 Being wheeled through the cold hallways.

 Getting all buckled in - the first time in the car seat always takes a few minutes to adjust the straps.... Michael wasn't a huge fan. 

 After a short 3 minute drive, we made it home safely...

...and were greeted by Grammy!

Welcome Home Sweet Boy! :) 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sibling Introductions

Michael was born at 12 o'clock, noon, so the timing worked out perfectly for Lucy to come meet her brother after her nap.

 Never before has my little girl seemed so big to me. 

 "Lucy! This is Michael! He's here sweet girl!"

 Me and my kiddos :)

 Meeting Grammy, my mom. :)

 Mom came into town on Sunday the 11th and was a welcome distraction for her "I-really-don't-want-to-be-pregnant-anymore" daughter. Lucy loved loved loved having her here and quickly started calling her "Gammy." I was able to go through labor without worrying about where Lucy was or how she was doing because my mom had been with us for a few days and had participated in our routine so she knew what was "normal" for Lu.  

I put off giving Michael his first bath because 1) I knew my mom would be thrilled to do the job and would consider it an honor :) and 2) I thought it would give me a few minutes of cuddle-with-Lucy time, hopefully communicating to her that "Mommy still loves you even though there is another little one in our family now." Part of my plan worked - the first part. Lucy wasn't so excited to cuddle with her mom, no surprise in retrospect - she has never been a cuddler. :) 

 Grammy did a great job! 

Side note: I love my mom's hands - I think they are beautiful.  

All clean! 

 Just observing - I love Lucy's profile in this picture. 


 Going in.... for the kill?

Thankfully not. :) Kisses all around! 

 Lucy kept eye contact with me for the first 10-15 seconds of "holding" Michael, almost like she was afraid to acknowledge his presence. 

She really wasn't too sure what to think, but looking at him is a step in the right direction. :) 

We captured this interaction on video too - please note how she communicates she is "done" holding the baby:

 Our family of FOUR! 

Resting after Grammy and Lucy left - because meeting siblings is exhausting work! 

Michael Bradley Kidder

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of

Michael Bradley Kidder

Born December 15th, 2011
7 lbs 3.5oz, 20 inches long

Labor and Delivery

 In between contractions - the "best" had yet to come.... 

 S: "Brad, please don't take a picture of me right now, this is not fun anymore."
B: "I'm just making sure the lighting is ok for when he is born."
(Yeah right :)) 

Overwhelming emotions: exhaustion, excitement, awe, thankfulness, relief

 Skin to skin with my son. (I still can't believe he's here almost a week later)

Proud daddy and best. labor. coach. ever.