Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Deck the Halls" 2011

Still no Michael yet.... so I'll take advantage of this extra time I have and share our Christmas decorations with you all! :)

This tree hasn't been set up twice in the same home! Our first Christmas we were in our apartment in Chicago, then our Chicago Condo, then our Pampa "apartment" and now our Pampa home! :) Phew! Maybe we can stay here until at least January 2013? :)

I've even got some Christmas gifts wrapped already! I'm telling you people - I'm ready for this little boy to come!

A "context" picture for you so you can see the corner the tree is in. :) Taken on Sunday afternoon aka: "Football viewing time." Brad put up with me opening the curtains so I could take pictures during Lu's nap - what a nice guy! :) 

Our nativity is set up on the buffet - a great central location where we can enjoy it multiple times during a day. Lucy will stand and look at it saying, "baby" or "Baa." :)

Our Christmas Tablescape - silver and red. :) I had everything except the silver beads (Ikea) and reindeer (isn't he so very friendly? Crate and Barrel, a happy-birthday to me treat.). The flowers are a "You-can-do-it-babe!" gift from Brad - he sure  knows how to cheer up this preggo lady. :)

 These happy snowmen are happily situated on the "sewing" desk - adding some Christmas Cheer to the front room. 

They make me smile. :)

I'm much happier with my Christmas wreath than I was with my fall one - I had a piece of garland that I attached to a metal wreath form and then put picks and gold (shatterproof) ornaments on. I had everything on hand already so this was a great project - Cost, $0!! :) Love it when that happens!

We also spent a Monday decorating the outside of our house - we have pretty outdoor lights but I haven't gotten around to taking a picture of them yet, I'll try to capture one before Christmas is over and share it with you - I think we have the most cheerful house on the block, but I may be a bit biased. :)

Well friends, I really hope the next post is a birth announcement! This weekend is a full moon - some say that there are always more babies born on full moons than other times of the month. I have no idea, but I wouldn't be upset if it worked out that way! :) Also I think it would be fun if Michael was born on 12-11-11 or 12-12-11 (I have a thing for double numbers) but again - I would NOT be upset if he came earlier!! :)