Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ever have a day...

...that started well...

...but didn't end in the same way?

Well, we did today. But things are looking up - Lulu is down for the night and I'm excited for an evening with Brad. :) Pizza, The Office, 30 Rock and Big Bang Theory. What could be better?

A perfect ending to a day that had it's ups and downs.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Seven Months

The photo shoot for Lucy's seven-month pictures went really well! I had a really hard time choosing pictures to post - there were so many good ones! :)

Accomplishments from the past month:
  • We started brushing Lulu's teeth - she does a pretty good job even though it's not her most favorite activity. :) Lucy LOVES taking baths, she knows her nightly routine well - when I lay her on the bathroom counter to take off her clothes, she kicks and squeals with excitement.
  • Lucy has gotten much more stable while sitting up. She is able to reach for toys and pull herself back up - whereas a month ago, she toppled over much more easily. It is so fun to enter a room and see her sitting happily playing.
  • She can also turn over both ways now (I can't remember when this started) meaning that when I leave the room, she is rarely in the same location when I return.
  • Over the past few weeks she has tried carrots, spinach, blueberries and applesauce (she enjoyed everything - and makes the funniest face when eating the applesauce)
  • She cries/whines when her Daddy leaves in the morning and lights up when he comes into the room (melts. my. heart.).
  • An animal fascination has begun - if Sophie (our dog) or Chloe (our cat) are in the room, She won't eat and has a hard time focusing. In her mind, they are stuffed animals that move :). Sophie doesn't like to be close to Luce, because she LOVES to "pet" (read: "pull on") the doggie.
  • Lucy watched her first episode of Sesame Street this past month - I was sick for a few days, and we sat on the couch and watched a few shows. She LOVED it, didn't look away for one second. She also watched Kipper, Chloe's Closet (sweet show) and Dora. We won't make a habit of watching TV, but it was nice to have her distracted when I wasn't feeling well.
Enjoy the monthly collage! :)