Saturday, January 15, 2011

Seven Months

The photo shoot for Lucy's seven-month pictures went really well! I had a really hard time choosing pictures to post - there were so many good ones! :)

Accomplishments from the past month:
  • We started brushing Lulu's teeth - she does a pretty good job even though it's not her most favorite activity. :) Lucy LOVES taking baths, she knows her nightly routine well - when I lay her on the bathroom counter to take off her clothes, she kicks and squeals with excitement.
  • Lucy has gotten much more stable while sitting up. She is able to reach for toys and pull herself back up - whereas a month ago, she toppled over much more easily. It is so fun to enter a room and see her sitting happily playing.
  • She can also turn over both ways now (I can't remember when this started) meaning that when I leave the room, she is rarely in the same location when I return.
  • Over the past few weeks she has tried carrots, spinach, blueberries and applesauce (she enjoyed everything - and makes the funniest face when eating the applesauce)
  • She cries/whines when her Daddy leaves in the morning and lights up when he comes into the room (melts. my. heart.).
  • An animal fascination has begun - if Sophie (our dog) or Chloe (our cat) are in the room, She won't eat and has a hard time focusing. In her mind, they are stuffed animals that move :). Sophie doesn't like to be close to Luce, because she LOVES to "pet" (read: "pull on") the doggie.
  • Lucy watched her first episode of Sesame Street this past month - I was sick for a few days, and we sat on the couch and watched a few shows. She LOVED it, didn't look away for one second. She also watched Kipper, Chloe's Closet (sweet show) and Dora. We won't make a habit of watching TV, but it was nice to have her distracted when I wasn't feeling well.
Enjoy the monthly collage! :)


kaw said...

Adorable pictures as always! And we love Kipper!

courtney linn said...

Your baby girls looks so cute always

Rach said...

What is it with baby tag fascination? Judah LOVES tags!