Thursday, May 23, 2013

Choosing to be "Ronda" and not "Nancy"

I don't know about you, but there are days that I have to force myself to think positively. Days that my inclination is to look at everything with a pessimist's glare. This comes out in my attitude and in my speech. This morning, I did NOT want to get out of bed - I even snoozed and then ignored my alarm clock with the thought, "A few more minutes of sleep will help me operate better today." I rolled out of bed when Lu woke up and asked for breakfast. Stumbled into the kitchen to turn on the hot pot to make coffee. Changed Michaels dirty diaper and got him some milk.

I realized I had a choice to make. Be a Negative Nancy and have a bad day with my kids OR choose to be thankful for what I have and move forward with my day with an "Because of Jesus, I can do this" mentality (what do we call that person? "Positive Patty" or "Thankful Thelma?" Maybe "Reliant Ronda" works best).

I've chosen to be Negative Nancy too many days lately. Blaming it on pregnancy hormones or the stress of trying to sell a house. But today needed to be different. So I decided to be Reliant Ronda and asked Jesus to help me operate in obedience to him, thanking him that he has enabled me, through the gospel, to act differently than Negative Nancy (who I'm inclined to me on my own) and pleading with the Holy Spirit to help me.

You know what?

God answers prayers.

When I stopped to realize my choices for the morning (mostly bad thus far) and realized that Jesus doesn't look on me with condemnation for over-sleeping but wanted me to walk in step with his Spirit today - my attitude changed. I was able to view my life with a positive outlook, take a deep breath and step forward into my day.

Here are the things I'm thankful for this morning:

1. I found a "rolled hem" sewing machine foot in with the random accessories that were given to me along with the antique machine! Exactly what I need to learn a new technique and make a nightgown for Lucy for her birthday.

2. The kids and I spent an hour outside, enjoying the 69 degree temperatures, sunshine and a nice walk - which was a long one for little legs!

3. The fact that I ran the dishwasher yesterday afternoon, unloaded it before an easy-clean up dinner and won't need to empty it again today. (It's the simple delights folks)

4. The kid's nap time today will be spent in the Word of God, as I prepare for Bible Study this evening. I have no household chores on the agenda today (although my house could stand to be vacuumed AND dusted... tomorrow). What a privilege to study and teach.

5. I am all caught up on the Blog. #MissionUpdateBlog is accomplished. I can now update the world in real-time. :) (I will not promise you that I will never get behind again. The only guarantee I have for you is that it will happen again once Little One #3 make his/her appearance.) ;)

How are you doing today? Are you being a Negative Nancy or a Reliant Ronda? Jesus can help you move forward through the rest of your day with better attitude. He did it for me today, he can do it for you too.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

San Antonio Instagram-Style

It had been a year since our last visit to San Antonio, we usually take a trip down in the spring (because it's not too hot down there yet and San Antonio in the Spring is lovely!) and this year it just so happened that all of my siblings would be home for a small window of time in April! Becca and Ian were home for a month of vacation after her deployment to Afghanistan, my sister Jana planned a trip during their time in San Antonio and Samuel, my brother was going to be home gathering the last of his belongings before moving to Ft Rucker Alabama! We were so excited to see everyone! 

These pictures are mostly from Instagram - I love Instagram! I didn't pull out my "real" camera for the whole trip, not on purpose, it just happened! I'm thankful for my phone and it's picture-taking abilities. :) 

Our Son, being silly on the trip down. 

There were pretty Bluebonnets all along our route - I'll miss this about Texas. 

Our Daughter, taking a short nap - we transferred the kids to the car at 5:00 in the morning, so she was a tired girl! :) 

Once we arrived, Lucy was quick to share her favorite game "Sleepover!" with Laura and Anna (my little sisters). They had a nice slumber party set up before we unloaded the car! :) 

Aunt Becca with her Michael! :) 
This is Trooper, Baxter and Belle's cousin. :) Trooper is Becca and Ian's puppy, he's a Vizsla - isn't he handsome? 

Uncle Ian and Aunt Becca reading books to my kiddos - Hey you two! They need some cousins! :) 

Michael watching a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse first thing in the morning - because Lucy was still sleeping and Mommy wanted to still sleep. :)

Laura practicing her piano. :) 

Grammy having a tea party with Lucy Jo Jo :) 
Lucy got a hand-me-down bike while we were in San Antonio! She was thrilled. She had been telling Brad and I that she wanted a bike for her birthday and so the fact she got one early was so exciting! :) 

We're still practicing - she's just big enough to reach the pedals throughout their whole rotation so I think a few more inches will be really helpful for Lucy as she learns how to ride her bike. :) 

Playing with Chalk! This is Lucy's attempt at tracing Laura. haha

Laura returned the favor and traced Lucy! :) 

Collecting Acorns in her bike basket. 

Trying out some roller skates!

While playing with Laura and Anna one afternoon, Michael got a cool pair of shades! :) 

"Hanging out" as a family! :) Haha we really were spending time together - Jana was editing family pictures, Brad was researching why Facebook downgrades the resolution of pictures on their site, Sam and Dad were working on some last minute details together and Ian was... um, I think researching the worth of Lego sets! Haha - it was a fun evening! :) 

And the next day.... Jana was joined by the little girls (and the techy toys they were playing with) while she was working on school. :)

At the mall, helping Aunt Becca find a dress for the Ball - can you say "Princess Problems?" :)

Lucy was enthralled with the mirror - the sides would fold in so she had a triangle of mirrors around her a few times! Haha I love her facial expression. 

Michael enjoying his drink, playing with his coaster at Grammys - I love this picture, something about little boys in rompers.... it makes him seem younger - which is nice sometimes. :) 

Brad teaching Jana how to make mixed drinks! :) Oh Bradley.... always teaching. (Love that he's so willing to share his knowledge with anyone who's interested). 

On the way for our girl's afternoon out! First stop: Sonic! :) 

Me and my girl - on our way to get our nails painted at a "Nail Salon!" :) 

Anna getting her nails did. 

Jana Jana - love her to pieces. :) 

Lucy, resting her hands on the "pillow"

She did SO well! :) 

So curious about the process - this was so so fun! 

Because I wanted to be like my girl - I got hot pink on my nails too! :) 

No trip to San Antonio would be complete without a trip to the Outlet Mall in San Marcos! :) Becca and Jana had fun at Pottery Barn! :) 

Michael had fun hanging out in the stroller - and when he was ready to be done... Mickey Mouse to the rescue! :) 

Michael, pretending to fly Helicopters like Papa! :) 

Lucy playing with Papa before he cut the lawn. 

Grammy helping Lu keep her "chin up" while riding her bike. :) 

Michael came along on the Whole Food's visit (and his Daddy has a soft heart) so he got a baseball cookie the size of his face. Haha :) 

It was such a fun trip! Capped of with the experience of a lifetime on the way home - Brad found a place that sold 64 oz of iced-tea! haha! For my iced-tea lovin man, it was the perfect way to end the trip. :) 

I don't know when my family will be able to be together again, but this trip gave us all a great stockpile of memories to think back on while we wait for the next time we can ALL be together. :) 

From L to R: Sarah (me), Lucy, Michael, Brad, Mom/Grammy (Jo),  Dad/Papa (Jim), Jana, Samuel, Becca, Laura, Anna and Ian! :) (*Photo Credit: Jana Addington)

I love you all! :) 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Easter: Dying Eggs

We had planned on doing a low-key Easter Egg hunt with Lucy and Michael after their naps on Easter Sunday - but when we went to buy plastic eggs.... we couldn't find them anywhere in Pampa! Walmart, United, CVS and the Dollar Store were all sold out! I guess that's what you get when you wait until the day before to look for the supplies you need for your activity. :) We decided to dye eggs instead, it was so fun - Lucy LOVED it. :) 

Waiting for mom and dad to get set up. :) She was a great helper and got her placemat out. 

Michael was excited too! Haha - he and I observed as Lucy and daddy died the eggs. (Would you believe that I had never died eggs before - Yes, I am 25 years old and have NEVER done it before.) 

Dropping the egg in together. 

Turning it around.

She was so curious! 

I love this picture of Lucy and Brad - they were having so much fun. :)

We found a Disney Princess egg dying kit that had sticky jewels to add to the colored eggs! Lucy took them off their backing and Brad stuck them on - they were kinda hard to stick on to the eggs.

Lucy was really proud of her egg!

When I was younger - instead of Easter Egg hunts, we would hunt for the 11 disciples that fled when Jesus was arrested! My mom made these adorable clothes-pin men and she and dad would hide them around the house and we'd run around hunting them! Haha it makes me laugh to think about it now, but  it was so much fun as kids - to have a tradition that we did every year (sometimes when it wasn't even Easter! We liked it so much). Our kids are getting to the ages that they are beginning to remember the fun things we do and that has made me think about being intentional about the traditions we establish as a family. We have the Christmas Advent Tree and Gingerbread House Traditions for Christmas time - what other holidays do you celebrate as a family using traditions to make your time memorable?