Friday, May 3, 2013

To Ford Field We Go!

Brad hung up the phone, mid-December with a HUGE smile on his face, "How would you like to go to Ford Field with me?" Now, in order to qualify to be Brad's wife I had to know the names of the fields that his favorite sports teams play on, my studying paid off and I didn't need to ask, "What's that?" but went through the mental exercise.... "Ford Field... Lions... Football." Haha :)

(Just kidding - Brad didn't require me to take a test, but if I get the Lions or Tigers mixed up - it happens... I'm sorry.... they are both big cats... - he gives me this look, "You should know better than to make such a silly mistake.")

Brad's Dad was co-hosting a box during the Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl on behalf of work. It was a perk for agents to attend if they wanted to - and there were two extra tickets so Brad and I got to go! :) We looked forward to our special trip with great anticipation. 

Aunt Jean and Uncle Dan watched our kiddos and volunteered to keep them overnight since the commute to/from Detroit meant we would return close to mid-night. Yippee! Our plan was to drive to Detroit, enjoy the game and return home for the night. Picking up the kids first thing the next morning. 

We dropped off the kids, kissed them goodbye and headed out! 

We ran into a snowstorm before we were 15 minutes into a trip that should have taken 2 hours (at most). Our trip ended up taking 4 hours - we got in just in time to get tickets to the guests we were hosting in the box and did get to see kick-off.

Dad wore colors to support the teams that were playing - Brad decided to support Detroit's professional teams. :) 

Ford Field!! It was huge - I'd never been to a professional football field before, it was a cool experience!

My sweet in-laws

Me and my love :)

Central Michigan Vs. Western Kentucky University

Note to self: Turn on Flash before handing a camera to a stranger.
My "panoramic" picture of the field.... haha - I'm sure Brad could have done a better job, but I like it! :) 

Because of the snowstorm, we "hotwired" (yep, that word can be a verb) a hotel room for the night, stopped by Mejier (similar to Target) at 11PM in order to buy some sweatpants and t-shirts for PJs, collapsed at the hotel and drove home to pick up the kids first thing the next morning. We were all exhausted, but we made a fun memory - one that won't be forgotten for a long time! 

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