Thursday, May 2, 2013

2012 Christmas Pictures

Oh Christmas pictures... how you excite me with both fear, dread and anticipation of great things. Haha - am I alone in this? We are kind of do-it-ourself-ers and that applies to picture taking too. Eventually we'll have a professional help us out - but until then, I love our quirky family pictures.

The first photo-shoot we did was on the day we put up our christmas tree, we got one nice family shot (out of 30?) out of the crazy 10 minutes of smiling, talking through our teeth and laughing. Lucy was ecstatic about the tree so it was a good moment. :) 

Totally not perfect - but like I said. I love it. :) 

The second shoot came on December 23nd - before church. I made an effort to be dressed and ready 15 minutes before we needed to leave for church to allow time for some Christmas pictures of these two cuties. 
 I'm showing you the best first... fyi. Haha :) I love Lucy's expression - she's gotten really good at "smiling" on cue and her smiles are (usually) natural looking. Michael on the other hand, looks at me with an expression of curiosity and questioning. Haha!

 My joke must have fallen flat... :)

 I pray they grow into great friends. 

Then it was time for solo shots!
 One baby is easy! Look how easily he smiles. :) If my memory serves me well, he was laughing at Lucy jumping behind me - that gets him every time. :) 

 My handsome one year old. 

 Michael was given the adorable tie for his birthday and it matched his christmas sweater perfectly! His sweater/jeans and shoes are all from my friend Misty - she got them for him before he was born and said, "This is a little-Brad outfit for your son." It was perfect for the occasion. 

Solo-photo-shoot 2 (aka. The one that didn't go so well)
 As you can see, my sweet 2 1/2 year old was d.o.n.e. Haha - was mommy? Nope, not quite. 

We tried tickling...

 ...requested nice smiles....

 ...and finally realized that no good was going to come out of these efforts. :) 

You win some you loose some, Right? Are you a do-it-yourself "photographer" or do you leave this difficult job to the professionals?

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