Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Daddy's Birthday

Birthdays just get more and more fun around here as the kids understand the concept of a special day and desire to participate more and more. :) Brad's Birthday (in January) was so sweet - Lucy anticipated the big day with me - we made cupcakes together and the kids colored the wrapping paper for daddy's gifts. 
Lucy "helping" make daddy's cupcakes - She cracked an egg all by herself perfectly! I turn around for two seconds and the next thing I know she's handing me the measuring cup saying, "Here's your egg mommy!" I laughed so hard - so surprising! 

We had a fun dinner with close friends the day before Brad's birthday - he cooked (typical for him - it's how he relaxes.... strange human :) ) and prepared Chicago Style Pizzas. :)
The centerpiece on the party table - a tribute to some of the things Bradley loves: Theology, God's Word, Cooking, Penguins, Coffee, Golf, Technology and Wine. :)

Before gifts on his birthday I paused everyone long enough to snap some pictures: 
He loves these two so much.

Brad is such a good daddy and friend to them. 

My handsome men - LOVE these two - they are so fun. I'm glad they have each other to roughhouse with. :)

Lulu and her dad have such a special relationship - Lucy adores her daddy and would spend all day with him if she could. :) 

A very "Brad" gift: A new cookbook! We recommend it! It's a really neat book. :) 

He was excited about this one! A Jambox! It's a wireless bluetooth speaker that can be used with any device that has bluetooth. It's great. And we've loved having it. :) 

Brad and I celebrated together by eating at 575 Pizzaria in Amarillo and then went to see West Side Story! There was a traveling company performing at the Amarillo Civic Center - it was a fun experience, I had never seen the play before and wasn't too familiar with the storyline so I loved it. It was a fun way to celebrate with my favorite friend.

Dinner with my sweetie :) 

 Outside the theater - before the show.

 Our tickets and play books - a great way to celebrate with my man who appreciates special memories more than physical gifts sometimes. 

We love you Bradley Wayne! So very thankful you are our husband and daddy - thank you for serving us well. XOXO!

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