Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Daddy's Girl

There once was a little girl, who loved her daddy...
...very much.

The little girl didn't like it when her daddy needed to leave for work in the  morning and would sometimes cry. 

But she would remind herself, "Daddy... work... church... office..." and she would be a little better. :) 

One of the little girl's favorite things to do with her daddy was to "jump" to him off of her changing table.
(Sometimes when daddy was too far away, she would ask him to come "closer")

But when she was ready, she would take a deep breath...

... and leap into the arms of her father.

Who loved her very much too. 


Monday, March 12, 2012

My Kiddos: 2 Months

 Our "Hedgehog" - Lucy Jo

Our Bald (in comparison) Boy - Michael Bradley

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Two Months

Two Months Old
February 15th, 2012

Two month accomplishments: 
  1. Traveling Champ! Michael did so well on our road trip up north, he enjoys his car seat when the vehicle is moving and did a really good job taking milk from a bottle while we were on the road. 
  2. Sleeping "through the night" Our son slept from 10PM-6:30/7AM TWICE while we were in Michigan - his momma really really enjoyed the solid 8 hours of sleep. Grandma Lori tried convincing us that we needed to move to Michigan because Michael liked it so much. :) Even when he did wake up in the middle of the night to eat, it was only once or twice (a few times) and not the 2-3 times that it was for the first month of his life - improvement! :) 
  3. Michael loves making eye contact and being talked to and is ready to give a smile to anyone who will talk to him. 
  4. We have come to grips with the fact that our son has lost a lot of his hair - something our daughter never did. It is funny to look back at pictures (like this) and compare Michael with hair and Michael now. :) 
  5. He still spits up, but is growing a lot so momma and daddy aren't too worried. He weighed in at 11lbs 3 oz and 23 inches long at his 2 month appointment. :) (Growth from 7 lbs 3.5oz, 20 inches long at birth)

To see Lucy at Two Months, click here. :) (It's quite a difference! :))

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Photo Journal: Movie Night

*Starring* - Brad (aka: "Daddy") and Bear, Sarah (aka: "Momma") and Racky, Lucy and Ellie, Michael and Moose.

Michael's Debut Tour: Michigan

Our third and final stop on our tour was Michigan, we stayed with Brad's family and enjoyed a few days of low-key fun and relaxing. :) 

Michael and Lucy both enjoyed time with Grandma Lori and Grandpa Wayne - Lucy received a valentine flip-book and made sure everyone read it to her more than once! And Mom Kidder impressed me more than once with her ability to juggle both kiddos - can you tell she has done this before? :) 

Michael had a number of deep conversations with Aunt Amy. :)

Grandma Kidder got to meet her great grandson Michael Bradley - She was very proud to meet the young man who is going to carry on the Kidder name. :)

We got to introduce Michael to his Great Grandma Buning too - sadly I forgot my camera for this visit but we got some iPhone photos. :) 

We got 3-4 inches of snow while we were in Michigan and decided to take Lu out for a ride in the sled. :) 
Getting ready - Lucy had on a pair of fleece footie-pjs, sweat pants and sweat shirt, tennis shoes, coat, scarf, mittens and hat. :) It took her a few minutes to figure out how to walk all bundled up - but she quickly adjusted and was able to go explore in the snow. 

What fun memories - this mamma loved watching a little girl and her daddy go sledding down a hill. I had to smile to myself as I imagined Brad as a little boy spending hours out on this hill. I'm so glad that that little boy grew up into such a great husband and daddy. :)   

Lucy had a lot of fun out in the cold, but was ready to head back inside after about 10 minutes. A short and sweet romp in the snow. :)

Michael and Lucy playing with Grandpa, Darlene and Lynette. :) 

That wraps up Michael's Debut Tour! :) There's nothing like 2.5 weeks away from home to make you appreciate your own bed and separate rooms for the children. It was a wonderful vacation and such a joy to see so many friends and family members. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Michael's Debut Tour: Chicago

The next stop on our tour was Chicago, our old home-sweet-home. 

I am ashamed to say I took less than 10 pictures the entire time we were in the windy city. Can I say it's because we were having too much fun doing other things? It would be true. Ok - that's my story. :) 

We stayed with our wonderful friends Matt and Amy - they are let's-all-get-comfortable friends (aka: wearing-sweatpants-and-hoodies-is-acceptable friends). Friends of the best variety! :) We had to laugh because the first night we were there (a Friday) we were all exhausted after a long week and ended up going to bed before 10! You know you are in good company when you can be honest enough to say, "I'm tired, let's go to bed." (FYI: We stayed up later the following nights) :) We really appreciate Matt and Amy's hospitality and generosity - opening your home to four people can be a lot of work (especially when there is a toddler on the guest list!). It is always a joy to be with them - we miss living close to them!

We didn't have a lot of plans for this part of the trip, which ended up being good because Lucy got sick! The poor thing was teething (those evil eye-teeth) and had a cough on top of it. One evening The Wonder Pets were the only thing that made her not cry: 
And it happened to be Super Bowl Sunday... lets just say Daddy and Matt were happy that the iPad existed. :) Lucy enjoyed snuggling up with Matt's Penguin (a fun similarity between Matt and Brad - they both love penguins!) and Ellie to watch her show. 

Funny Story: Lu had an adverse reaction to her medicine one evening. I gave her some homeopathic night-time cold and cough medicine to help her sleep one evening. She slept for three hours and woke up jabbering. She kept talking for an hour, she wasn't upset - just very chatty. Brad and I were sleeping in the same room that she was and had the hardest time not laughing. "Wooow, wooow, careful!" "!" "Night night...sleeping...shhhh...(insert fake snoring here)" We took her to bed with us, hoping that being close would help her calm down and go to sleep. She kept saying, "Bunny, bunny, hop hop!" And Brad asked her, "Sweetie, do you see a bunny?" she responded, "Daddy!" in the most indignant tone I've ever heard, as if to say, "Don't be silly Daddy - the bunny is right there!" She finally quieted down, but would randomly stroke my nose, and say, "Mamma? Nose." We moved her back to her bed so that we could get some sleep, but enjoyed having her cuddle with us for a little while - it is so "not Lucy" for her to cuddle like that, so it was a bit of a treat for her Momma and Daddy. :)

No trip to Chicago would be complete without Giordano's Pizza, Kabuki Sushi and Goose Island! It was strange being in the city and not going downtown - it was cold and dreary and because Lu wasn't feeling well, we stayed indoors pretty much the whole time.

Lucy brought Michael his Moose - He seemed to appreciate it. :) 

We were able to see a number of friends - Brandon, the Fowlers, our old Small Group and my college roommate, Miriam:
She came and had Pad Thai with me one day for lunch - so yummy.

Michael and I really enjoyed visiting with Mir! Visiting in person is always better than visiting over the phone or caching up via e-mail. :)

Next stop: Michigan!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Michael's Debut Tour: Minnesota

The end of January/beginning of February is traditionally a good time for Pastors and their families to travel, the busy holiday season is over and preparations haven't yet started for Easter. :) We took advantage of this time slot and took a 2.5 week (!!!) trip up north. 

After lots of planning and packing (we were shocked it all fit in our car!) we were off! 

First stop: Minnesooooota!

We were honored to stay at my sister Jana's house - the first time I've stayed at one of my siblings houses (so fun!). It was so interesting to see all the things we do the same - because that's how mom did them - for example, reusing the drier sheets. :) Jana's home is beautiful, so cozy and welcoming - we truly enjoyed our stay and really appreciate her hospitality. Thanks J! :)

  1. Michael tried sitting in Lucy's hippo chair - he did pretty well but decided he didn't like it soon after this picture was taken. 
  2. Lucy attempts to give Michael his "paci" because he was "sad"
  3. Lucy succeeds. :)  
  4. Michael meeting Uncle John (My mom's brother)
  5. Charissa and Michael (Charissa, my cousin, played piano at our wedding!)
  6. Michael and Aunt Jana
  7. Lucy and Uncle John with Ellie
  8. Jessie and Zola (My cousin and her daughter)
  9. Zola LOVED Lucy's sunglasses and literally shook with excitement about them - absolutely adorable. :)

Jana kindly hosted a get-together at her home one evening and Grandma and Grandpa Chisholm came to meet Michael and see Lu. It was wonderful to catch up... sometimes it's hard living far far away from family, but it does make visits very special. 
  1. Meeting Great Grandma Chisholm
  2. Great Grandma held Michael's attention for quite some time, no surprise though - Grandma has such a peaceful voice, Michael loved it!
  3. Great Grandpa Chisholm and Michael :)
  4. Reading one of our favorite books Lucy, Zola and Grandpa
We had brunch with my dad's parents one morning while in Minnesota - Grandma's caramel rolls are always such a treat! :) We always leave Grandma and Grandpa Addington's house feeling encouraged and very loved.  
  1. Lucy and Great Grandpa Addington - Lucy asked that he help her put her shoes on Ellie
  2. Lucy and Great Grandma Addington - All Lucy needs is a warm lap, Ellie and a book and she is occupied. 
  3. Great Grandma and Michael
  4. Great Grandpa and Michael
We went to Aunt Joy and Uncle Jason's for dinner one night - and they had a little party planned for Brad, whose birthday was a few days before, so sweet!
  1. Uncle Jason and Michael
  2. Michael and Cousin Mara - Michael is all swaddled up here, so cute! 
  3. Brad's mini-party, apple turnovers and coffee - PERFECT! :) 
  4. Aunt Joy and Michael
I never feel we have enough time in Minnesota - we have SO much family there and do our best to see as many people as we can! Our apologies to those we didn't get to see - We love you! Hopefully we will be up north again soon. :)

Next Stop: Chicago!!!!