Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Michael's Debut Tour: Chicago

The next stop on our tour was Chicago, our old home-sweet-home. 

I am ashamed to say I took less than 10 pictures the entire time we were in the windy city. Can I say it's because we were having too much fun doing other things? It would be true. Ok - that's my story. :) 

We stayed with our wonderful friends Matt and Amy - they are let's-all-get-comfortable friends (aka: wearing-sweatpants-and-hoodies-is-acceptable friends). Friends of the best variety! :) We had to laugh because the first night we were there (a Friday) we were all exhausted after a long week and ended up going to bed before 10! You know you are in good company when you can be honest enough to say, "I'm tired, let's go to bed." (FYI: We stayed up later the following nights) :) We really appreciate Matt and Amy's hospitality and generosity - opening your home to four people can be a lot of work (especially when there is a toddler on the guest list!). It is always a joy to be with them - we miss living close to them!

We didn't have a lot of plans for this part of the trip, which ended up being good because Lucy got sick! The poor thing was teething (those evil eye-teeth) and had a cough on top of it. One evening The Wonder Pets were the only thing that made her not cry: 
And it happened to be Super Bowl Sunday... lets just say Daddy and Matt were happy that the iPad existed. :) Lucy enjoyed snuggling up with Matt's Penguin (a fun similarity between Matt and Brad - they both love penguins!) and Ellie to watch her show. 

Funny Story: Lu had an adverse reaction to her medicine one evening. I gave her some homeopathic night-time cold and cough medicine to help her sleep one evening. She slept for three hours and woke up jabbering. She kept talking for an hour, she wasn't upset - just very chatty. Brad and I were sleeping in the same room that she was and had the hardest time not laughing. "Wooow, wooow, careful!" "Green...green....chip...chip!" "Night night...sleeping...shhhh...(insert fake snoring here)" We took her to bed with us, hoping that being close would help her calm down and go to sleep. She kept saying, "Bunny, bunny, hop hop!" And Brad asked her, "Sweetie, do you see a bunny?" she responded, "Daddy!" in the most indignant tone I've ever heard, as if to say, "Don't be silly Daddy - the bunny is right there!" She finally quieted down, but would randomly stroke my nose, and say, "Mamma? Nose." We moved her back to her bed so that we could get some sleep, but enjoyed having her cuddle with us for a little while - it is so "not Lucy" for her to cuddle like that, so it was a bit of a treat for her Momma and Daddy. :)

No trip to Chicago would be complete without Giordano's Pizza, Kabuki Sushi and Goose Island! It was strange being in the city and not going downtown - it was cold and dreary and because Lu wasn't feeling well, we stayed indoors pretty much the whole time.

Lucy brought Michael his Moose - He seemed to appreciate it. :) 

We were able to see a number of friends - Brandon, the Fowlers, our old Small Group and my college roommate, Miriam:
She came and had Pad Thai with me one day for lunch - so yummy.

Michael and I really enjoyed visiting with Mir! Visiting in person is always better than visiting over the phone or caching up via e-mail. :)

Next stop: Michigan!

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