Saturday, March 10, 2012

Michael's Debut Tour: Michigan

Our third and final stop on our tour was Michigan, we stayed with Brad's family and enjoyed a few days of low-key fun and relaxing. :) 

Michael and Lucy both enjoyed time with Grandma Lori and Grandpa Wayne - Lucy received a valentine flip-book and made sure everyone read it to her more than once! And Mom Kidder impressed me more than once with her ability to juggle both kiddos - can you tell she has done this before? :) 

Michael had a number of deep conversations with Aunt Amy. :)

Grandma Kidder got to meet her great grandson Michael Bradley - She was very proud to meet the young man who is going to carry on the Kidder name. :)

We got to introduce Michael to his Great Grandma Buning too - sadly I forgot my camera for this visit but we got some iPhone photos. :) 

We got 3-4 inches of snow while we were in Michigan and decided to take Lu out for a ride in the sled. :) 
Getting ready - Lucy had on a pair of fleece footie-pjs, sweat pants and sweat shirt, tennis shoes, coat, scarf, mittens and hat. :) It took her a few minutes to figure out how to walk all bundled up - but she quickly adjusted and was able to go explore in the snow. 

What fun memories - this mamma loved watching a little girl and her daddy go sledding down a hill. I had to smile to myself as I imagined Brad as a little boy spending hours out on this hill. I'm so glad that that little boy grew up into such a great husband and daddy. :)   

Lucy had a lot of fun out in the cold, but was ready to head back inside after about 10 minutes. A short and sweet romp in the snow. :)

Michael and Lucy playing with Grandpa, Darlene and Lynette. :) 

That wraps up Michael's Debut Tour! :) There's nothing like 2.5 weeks away from home to make you appreciate your own bed and separate rooms for the children. It was a wonderful vacation and such a joy to see so many friends and family members. 

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