Monday, April 1, 2013

12 Months

12 Month Accomplishments
  • Crawling Crawling Everywhere! Michael's mode of transportation remains on all fours - he isn't interested in standing on his own and doesn't even like to have his hands held in "assistance" to walking. If you try to stand him up on his feet, he puts his feet out in front of him in a "sitting stance" - he wants to crawl... so crawl he does! 
  • "More" and "All Done" - We decided to teach Michael a few signs so he could communicate "more" and "all done" politely. He had taken to pounding on the table when he wanted more food and then throwing the food on the ground when he was all done - this wasn't acceptable to mom and dad. :)
  • Michael enjoys eating (breakfast) Kix, Cheerios, Chex, bananas, (lunch) Mac and Cheese, Grilled Cheese, apples, green beans and PBJs, (Snacks) Gold fish, graham crackers, ritz, fruit snacks, (Dinner) chicken (most of the time), potatoes, bread, peas, lasagna, daddy's risotto, pizza and lima beans. :) He takes milk before all his nap/bed times and drinks water like crazy during the day! 
  • He loves playing with balls (catch is one of his all time favorites), duplos, magnets and reading books.
  • Michael is full of energy - taking two good naps a day still and going to bed around 7pm. He loves to giggle, wrestle, cuddle and hold his lovie. He LOVES his mommy but his affection for daddy is growing day by day. He loves being BY his sister and is learning what sharing is and how he is supposed to relate to his sister. :) 

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