Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Camera/Fall Fun

Hello all,

My dear husband could not wait to give me my birthday present - so he didn't.... but instead gave it to me a few weeks early! A Nikon D 60! I feel almost intimidated at the "amazingness" (I know that is not a word) of the camera - I don't know anything about how to use it, but I am super excited to learn how! If you have any tips, good instructional sites/books - please let me know!

So, because of our new toy, we have quite a few pictures to share with you that will sum up what we have been doing for fun lately.
Brad and I with our Reformation Pumpkins
All carved and lit up! Brad's is on the left, Sarah's the right.
Our Pretty Chloe Cat
My Handsome Hubby
Fun with a flashlight in the dark.... ohhhh we are magic!
Relaxing and Contemplating
Brad and Chloe
Sarah and Chloe
Poor Brad was sick (Swine flu?) for a few days - he is feeling better, but is still feeling tired - we are definitely ready for bed at the end of the day.
So that is a little update - through pictures - of how we have been lately. To quickly sum up that which pictures cannot, I have been busy with school and internship responsibilities (while trying to squeak in camera fun when I can). I can't believe that in a little over 40 days I will be done... It is strange to imagine what life will be like without homework hanging over my head, but I am sure I will find plenty to do! :) This Sunday I am teaching Sunday School in Mary's absence, and to fulfill an internship requirement - pray that I will communicate with clarity.
Thankfully, I have not gotten sick - a wonder since Brad stayed home for four days! Please pray for both of us in this area - Brad's continued healing and my continued health!
We hope you all are well, let us know how we can pray for you over these next few weeks!
Sarah (for Brad and Chloe)
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hurray for Fall

Well first off I want to apologize for the infrequency with which we have been posting! It probably does not help that Sarah has been doing all the blogging since we started this thing. Well this post changes that, as I Brad am writing a post, Sarah does not even know I am writing this!! Lets see how long it takes her to find out! :)

Over the past few week Sarah and I have been very busy, we made a trip up to Minnesota to visit with Sarah's side of the family, incluiding her Mom and two youngest sisters Laura and Anna! We were blessed to see all of them and amazed at how much the girls have grown!!

The very next weekend we headed to Michigan to visit briefly with my side of the family. It was a great to see all of our friends and family in Michigan and to celebrate, even if it was a week late, my Sister Amy's 21st birthday.


I can honestly say that fall is my favorite time of year. I find it so refreshing to step out in the morning to the cool crisp fall air. In the spirit of fall Sarah and I have been on a mission which I like to call "No Utility October" similar to "No Shave November" and other silly made up events. Basically we have vowed that unless the temperature in our Condo nears a point that would kill us or our precious cat Chloe, we will not turn on the heat or the air. I am happy to report that October is almost over and we have survived the month quite comfortably, other than one or two nights where the temp. inside dipped to around 62 :), that's what blankets were made for though right?!!? With all the energy savings from this month I will have to take my sweet wife out to dinner or something to repay her :)

Well that's it for this post!! Though if things go as planned I hope to have pictures of carved pumpkins to post tomorrow :) No worries, these are reformation day pumpkins, not celebrating evil, evil, Halloween or some sort of pagan fall harvest festival. I can't wait until we have kids so they go door to door dressed as Calvin, Luther, Zwingli, Knox, and Huss, shouting: "Indulgence or treat!"

(I am trying to find the Luther Costume Below in a Child's size already!)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Popcorn thoughts

Popcorn Love
So many thoughts, so little time... We love popcorn at the Kidder house, so I thought I would share some popcorn thoughts with you,
  • Our weeks are pretty busy with school, work, small group, Awana and friends.
  • Sarah's internship is going really well - she is getting lots of ministry experience and learning tons!
  • Work is has been good for Brad, his boss has been on vacation for the past few weeks and things have run well in his absence.
  • School is keeping Sarah busy, both during the week and on the weekends.
  • We realized this morning that our October weekends are booked.
  • Awana has started again, we have been averaging 45-50 kids a week! Though, somehow we are more energized after Awana than before. :)
  • Our house is coming together, each month we add something new. It feels like home.
  • We had an AMAZING weekend in Minnesota last week! Sarah's mom was there with Laura and Anna - we got in a lot of hugs and cuddles.
  • Chloe gets stranger as time goes on, we found her lying on her back last night (like a dog). We love her.
What's new with you?