Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Brad here! Calm down, I know you're excited I blog like once a quarter lately.
So today I decided to do something unexpected, I actualy understood and took a couple of my wife's hints and ACTED ON IT! Amazing, I know. You see for a few weeks, nay months Sarah has been hinting that we were not quite as ready for little Lucy to come as she might like. One of those hints happened to center around the fact that her bedroom had yet to get a color change from blue (a color not really fitting for my little princes) to the extremely girly color of gray (which is after all the new pink. What? You didn't hear, well then you clearly don't read Vogue).

So anyway I cut out of work a half hour early today to rush home and do this:

Pretty nice right?? As you can see not quite done yet, Sarah will probably handle most of the work around the edges as that is NOT my specialty... at all. But I, the discerning, hint picking up on, husband, have gotten most of the work out of the way, and inhaled almost all the toxic fumes that a woman who is with child simple must stay away from (though I really doubt that had we painted the room together it could have possibly depleted the mental facilities of a child comprised of Kidder AND Addington DNA!) So room painted, one project down every day a little closer holding my little girl in my arms! So I think I am deserving of a gold star, don't you?? Here it is!

Nice right? Jealous? Go do something for your wife!

Confessions of a Perfectionist

They say confession is good for the soul...

1. I almost didn't post this because I don't have a picture to show you.

2. I had to stop working on Lucy's quilt over the weekend because I was mad (really) at both the quilt and my sewing machine for not operating as I want. (The quilt is looking good, for my first attempt at quilting "all by myself" - but I want it to be perfect... I am learning as I go.)

3. I have picked up knitting again - but I am finding that I need a lot of practice for it to look nice. I am loosing steam and motivation.

4. I stress if my house is not clean - it is usually tidy, items put away ect. But if it is not "clean" (by my standards) I can't sit still.

5. I like to know what my future holds. I have always been a planner (and I married one too) - I like to know what my day/week/month/year is going to look like. If there is "fuzzyness" in the plans, or a "black hole" after a certain date - I don't like it. In the past months, God has been clearly calling both Brad and I to trust Him with decisions that will impact the next few years of our life. It is scary. It is confusing. It has grown our faith. This lesson is not over yet - we are still learning.

6. I used to try to control my spiritual life and I failed miserably. God, ever patient with me, has brought me on a journey, teaching me that I can not "perfect my salvation" - an amazing grace filled, Spirit begun work (Galatians 3:3). He will bring my salvation to completion, not in my timing, but "on the day of Jesus Christ" (Philippians 1:6). There seems to be a fine line between super-action and passivity in the Christian walk and I don't want to be on ether side of that spectrum. My goal is to live a life that is both full of faith (trusting that God will do and act in his timing) and faithfulness (taking action, acting in obedience) - much like the old Hymn, "Trust and obey, for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus." There really is "nothing new under the sun" (Ecclesiastes 1:9), others have walked this road before me and God's faithfulness has sustained them too.

I am learning how to give myself "grace" (aka. permission to fail and/or permission not to have the end result turn out perfectly)
with the petty, everyday things in life. I am learning how to trust the Lord, waiting on His timing, and walk in obedience to the life He has called me to.

Are you a perfectionist too? Has it spilled into your spiritual life? Are the lessons God has been teaching us/me lessons God has taught/is teaching you?

Monday, March 15, 2010

I know how.... but wish I was better...

Ok, so I know how to knit - no where near as well as I know how to crochet - but there are times I wish I was better at it.

For example, when Brad and I were perusing the shelves at JoAnn, looking for yarn for Lucy's blanket, he kept seeing samples of yarn that were "worked up" already into squares and saying "I like this, can you do this?" I had to respond, 99% of the time, "Well, I can use that yarn, but it won't look exactly like that because that is knit and I crochet."

My Grandma Chisholm taught me how to knit when I was young - in fact I knew how to knit before I knew how to crochet. For some reason, though, it never caught on.

But projects like this, make me want to knit. Real bad.
Go to: http://www.soulemama.com/soulemama/2010/03/a-february-girl.html to see more beautiful pictures of this sweater.

Maybe I'll pick knitting up again after I finish Lucy's quilt... :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Before and After - Great Grandma's Vanity Stool

I must begin this post with a disclaimer: this project was done pre-pregnancy and so none of the spray paint fumes hurt our Little One. :)

I can not tell you how much I love taking something that is special, unique, perhaps even inherited and turning it into something that works in our living space. We have done this with a trunk from my great great grandparents (I think that is the right number of greats) by using it as a side table in our Living Room. Having pieces of the past that have been updated is part of carrying on a legacy and it gives so much character to your home. I was, then, thrilled when I saw this little vanity stool in the stuff that had been cleaned out of my Great Grandpa Ivance's home. I had been looking a little plant stand, and this vanity stool fit the bill perfectly.

With a little lovin' it was transformed into a chic, modern, dramatic vanity stool. :) All it took was a little spray paint (which I had leftover from this project) - so it was a free makeover! :)
And here is my entry way, happy and content now that the plant has some height. :) I must let you know, I am not usually a fan of fake plants.... fake flowers, sometimes - when done well - but not fake plants. When thinking about buying a plant for this space last summer I stepped outside my door and was hit with a wall of heat. It dawned on me that our stairwell is not heated or air conditioned and that it would not be kind to a plant to put it out in this harsh environment. So, I decided to see what kind of fake foliage was out there these days and I found a nice selection at Target. The selection was made even nicer by the nice clearance section where I found the plant below (originally $39!, on sale for $8.99. SCORE!). The plant is much happier now that it can sit up off the ground, thanks to the newly purposed vanity stool. And the space itself looks so much more proportionate and welcoming to those coming up the stairs to our home.
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Finished and New Projects and a Culinary Adventure...

We had a full weekend! I was able to finish one project for Lucy and begin another. And we embarked on a culinary adventure and were pleasantly surprised at the results. :)
Lucy's Afghan
I crocheted two different colored yarns together - pink and white. The result is a thick, beautiful blanket! I am so pleased with it!
It is a little wider than it is long, but it is pretty much in the shape of a square :)
I made up the pattern, but stole some stitches from the instructions I used to make Anna's afghan. I love the bumps.
I also started a new project: Lucy's Quilt. Thanks to a Joann 40% off coupon, it was super easy for me to cut these fabrics! I purchased a rotary cutter, mat and guide! So excited! These are tools that I will use in years to come, they make me so excited to sew!
In fact, it was so easy that I was able to cut all the fabric and sew all the squares - in one afternoon! Here they are:
Not quite finished yet, but you can see the shapes of the squares (which are actually rectangles in this pattern). I am using a patten from Amy Butler's book Little Stitches for Little Ones. This is the Crib/Play Time Quilt. (The picture is a little yellow - sorry - it was taken at night....)
I really enjoyed spending my Sunday afternoon working on the quilt - it was so relaxing! I can't wait to finish the quilt top. I need to find a fabric for the back still - thinking about something with a bit more grey in it - we will see if I can find in real-life what I am picturing in my head. :)

Last weekend, we also went to a Sushi restaurant to celebrate a friend's birthday. It was super fun! Brad had only had end-of-the-day "grocery store" sushi, so he wasn't so sure about trying it again. So, the two Kidders - who love food - jumped into the culinary world of sushi not quite sure what to expect... It is love. We really enjoyed the food - I couldn't believe that I enjoyed items that had the word "spicy" in their description! Brad's favorite was the "Uncle Bob," made with crab, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo and tempura flakes. I enjoyed it too - although I really like the simple California Roll. We also got an Avocado Roll which was a favorite among all at the table. Now that we understand how to order sushi (it can be a bit confusing if you have never ordered it before), know of a great restaurant and know that we enjoy the food - I think we will be eating Japanese food more often. :)

* Do not worry - I stayed away from raw fish and tuna :) I was careful. Wouldn't want anything to happen to my Lucy. :)

This afternoon, we are expecting Amy (Brad's sister) and Kaleigh (a MI friend) to come into town for a visit! They will be here through Sunday morning. Since I do not have Spring Break anymore I had forgotten all about it - but it is that time of year - and I love that it frees students like Amy and Kaleigh up to come see us! The only thing we have planned for their stay, so far, is a movie night on Friday night. We are going to have some friends over and watch "Up in the Air."

It is rainy in Chicago today. I love that all the rain is washing away the snow - but remembered why I loved the snow in the first place: It covers up all the trash that gets blown about. Oh well.... I will gladly see a bit more litter if it means I do not need to wear a coat! Plus it is kind of fun picking it up and seeing the results afterward: a clean yard. :)

Spring is coming!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pregnancy Belly

17 Weeks

21 Weeks22 Weeks

25 Weeks
And still growing.....

Lucy's Closet - Part 1

I have stolen this idea from a friend - Autumn. She posted pictures on Facebook of the clothes that she has gotten for her daughter, due very soon, for her family to see. Like Brad and I, she and her husband live a few states away from family - and I know Grammy Jo and Grandma Lori would love to see these little outfits. :)
So without further ado... here is Miss. Lucy's closet,
We got this at Macy's - I love the "vintage" print with the blue pants - on the butt of the pants it says "Lovely." The only age Lucy will be allowed to wear pants with words on the bottom is infancy. :)
Gotta love Cost Co. This little number also has accent's on the bottom - pockets with cute white buttons (like the one at the neck).

I love this little onesie - it has ruffles on the rear. A cute romper for a warm summer day at the park. :)

Cuddly PJs - she will match her room with this outfit!

This is one of those great two-outfits-in-one-purchase deals. The onesie goes with the green pants....

And there is a matching romper! :)

Brad brought this onesie home before we knew "for sure" we were having a girl.

Another great two-in-one deal. I like the pink with red strawberries. :)

And this little onesie is so cute - I love the ruffle around the waist.

Thanks Aunt Amy for this sleeper! Pay special attention to the "shoes" - they have little bows. Cute.

And thanks to Miss. Kate for this bib - I believe her prediction is correct as Lucy's daddy's heart already is melted toward her. :)

Lol - this is one of my favorites! Brad brought this one home too (penguins are his favorite!). This is for Lucy's first Fall Fest at church! :) Hopefully it will fit... if not, we will take a cold "wintry" picture with it and have it be in our Christmas card. :)

That's all for now folks.... These are only the newborn/0-3 month clothes, I'll try to keep you updated as more outfits come into the closet.

The Evolution of a Nursery - Part 1

We originally called this room the "Back Bedroom" although we secretly knew it was going to be the nursery. :) For the past few months, since we have moved in it has been the catch-all room. Where anything that didn't have a home, found a temporary one. This has all changed now, as I have been attempting to clean it out and get it ready for Lucy-Lu. I love the bright windows in this space - so cheerful. The windows above face East - so the morning sun streams in! We need to get some blinds for the room (so that sleep will continue to happen - hopefully - mornings) and I am on the hunt for fabric for curtains too.
Here is what the room looks like today. The Crib is from my parents - the same one I slept in when I was a baby (I LOVE IT!) - as well as the rocking chair and ottoman. We are planning on getting new cushions for the rocker/ottoman to fit in better with our color scheme and to freshen it up (Thinking green or brownish-tan to allow for future use in a boy-themed nursery and hopefully use in the Living Room when there are no more nursery's in our home).
Here is our thrifty find of last weekend! A solid wood dresser from the Salvation Army - $35. How can you go wrong? I can't wait to sand this baby down - I'll wear a mask. I promise - and give it a fresh coat of white paint. We are going to get new hardware for it too - I am thinking classy stainless steel, something traditional. :)

The little swing is also from my parents - score! I love that it is smaller than normal swings - it doesn't take up as much room. It will eventually be moved into the Living Room, but for now, I like it in here. Here is the crib, all ready for Miss. Lucy. The bumper and crib skirt are from some sweet friends here in Chicago who said they were done with them! Thanks Halpins! I love them! As you can see Minnie Mouse and Lambie are waiting for little arms to hold them! (Thanks Aunt Sue and Uncle Tom for the Lamb - I love the sweet note so much, I haven't cut it off yet!)
The Bumper pad has pink, grey and green lines - and so it has become my inspiration for wall color. We have registered for green storage crates/boxes (to allow for use in a future boy nursery) and I didn't really want a pink nursery. For one, it is so "typical." For two, I think it will add to the house if it was a more nutural, natural color. For three, I love the color grey. This is one room of the house we have not painted ourselves yet - it is a light blue - and although the color is nice, it doesn't fit into our color scheme for the nursery. :) Below are the paint chips that we are deciding on. The room is so bright that I don't think we need to fear about grey paint causing the walls to "cave" in - plus I love all the white trim (around the doors, windows and floor boards) and think it will pop with a grey wall. Right now I think we are deciding between Chip 1 (far left) bottom and Chip 3 bottom. We shall see. Chip 1 bottom is more yellowish - if you can say that - and Chip 3 bottom is more blueish.... I am in limbo.Here is fabric for Lucy's quilt! I can't wait to get started! I need to find a fabric for the backing too - hoping that it will have a bit more grey in it than the others to draw in the color from the walls. :) Another great thrift store find! A little doll bed for Lucy to play with. Some friends thought this was Kristen's bed (the American Girl Doll) but I don't know - what do you think? Ether way, I thought it was a steal at $2. :) I am planning on stripping and painting it. Found this little birdie at Pier One and couldn't pass him up. I have three white shelves that I am planning on hanging up in the room and I think that he will make a nice addition to one of them. Also going on one of the shelves - Baby Pam, "Racky" the Raccoon and "Bear" (Brad and my childhood stuffed animals and my baby doll) - I am so excited!

Well, that's it for now. :) We will keep you posted with any and all of the changes! :) We can't wait for Lucy to come!

Our Trip to The Sunshine State

I love sharing experiences with you all through pictures - I feel like it gives you glimpses into our lives. Plus, I have the memories recorded for the future.

Brad and I had such a great time in Florida at the end of January/beginning of February. We celebrated Brad's birthday at Medieval Times (his choice fyi - not what I would have wanted on my birthday.... but we had a great time)
I wasn't too sure what to think....
But Brad was having a grand time :)
A few days later, we headed to Disney World's Magic Kingdom. It was my first time there - Brad's second. We debated over two different days to go - should we be cold and dry or wet and warm(ish)? We decided on the cold and dry option and were so glad that we did - there were virtually no lines! We arrived first thing in the morning, got to ride everything we wanted and were walking around at 3:30pm wondering what to do next!
The man who started it all.... Mr. Walt Disney himself, and Micky of course :)
My favorite Disney Character (not counting Princesses!) - Minnie
Brad's favorite: Goofy (no surprise... :) )
On the Steam Boat - towards the end of our day, our steam was running out... :)
Couldn't miss this! It's the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House! I grew up watching this movie - I am pretty sure that VHS received more views than any of the others in our home.
The ingenious water system - this made me giddy! :) It was just like the movie!
As many of you know, the number 11 is my favorite. I had to smile when the lady directing us into the shortest line on the It's a Small World ride told us to go to line 11. :)
This is the world that we are entering with Lucy's arrival.... stroller universe.
Brad humored me and rode the Carousel with me - lol he enjoyed it. I promise.
I choose the prettiest horse! :)
This was at Downtown Disney, on a different day - Mr. Buzz Light Year was kind enough to pose with me. :)
And Brad got to stand with Micky and Minnie themselves!
We returned to Chicago feeling rested and excited to go back to Florida in the future with our kiddos. Oh - and we did end up getting Lucy a Minnie Mouse stuffed animal, it is waiting for her in her crib. :)