Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lucy's Closet - Part 1

I have stolen this idea from a friend - Autumn. She posted pictures on Facebook of the clothes that she has gotten for her daughter, due very soon, for her family to see. Like Brad and I, she and her husband live a few states away from family - and I know Grammy Jo and Grandma Lori would love to see these little outfits. :)
So without further ado... here is Miss. Lucy's closet,
We got this at Macy's - I love the "vintage" print with the blue pants - on the butt of the pants it says "Lovely." The only age Lucy will be allowed to wear pants with words on the bottom is infancy. :)
Gotta love Cost Co. This little number also has accent's on the bottom - pockets with cute white buttons (like the one at the neck).

I love this little onesie - it has ruffles on the rear. A cute romper for a warm summer day at the park. :)

Cuddly PJs - she will match her room with this outfit!

This is one of those great two-outfits-in-one-purchase deals. The onesie goes with the green pants....

And there is a matching romper! :)

Brad brought this onesie home before we knew "for sure" we were having a girl.

Another great two-in-one deal. I like the pink with red strawberries. :)

And this little onesie is so cute - I love the ruffle around the waist.

Thanks Aunt Amy for this sleeper! Pay special attention to the "shoes" - they have little bows. Cute.

And thanks to Miss. Kate for this bib - I believe her prediction is correct as Lucy's daddy's heart already is melted toward her. :)

Lol - this is one of my favorites! Brad brought this one home too (penguins are his favorite!). This is for Lucy's first Fall Fest at church! :) Hopefully it will fit... if not, we will take a cold "wintry" picture with it and have it be in our Christmas card. :)

That's all for now folks.... These are only the newborn/0-3 month clothes, I'll try to keep you updated as more outfits come into the closet.

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Autumn Shea said...

HOW fun! Outfits 1 and 3 are my favorite. They are SUPER stinkin' cute! Glad we could be of some "inspiration". :-)