Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Brad here! Calm down, I know you're excited I blog like once a quarter lately.
So today I decided to do something unexpected, I actualy understood and took a couple of my wife's hints and ACTED ON IT! Amazing, I know. You see for a few weeks, nay months Sarah has been hinting that we were not quite as ready for little Lucy to come as she might like. One of those hints happened to center around the fact that her bedroom had yet to get a color change from blue (a color not really fitting for my little princes) to the extremely girly color of gray (which is after all the new pink. What? You didn't hear, well then you clearly don't read Vogue).

So anyway I cut out of work a half hour early today to rush home and do this:

Pretty nice right?? As you can see not quite done yet, Sarah will probably handle most of the work around the edges as that is NOT my specialty... at all. But I, the discerning, hint picking up on, husband, have gotten most of the work out of the way, and inhaled almost all the toxic fumes that a woman who is with child simple must stay away from (though I really doubt that had we painted the room together it could have possibly depleted the mental facilities of a child comprised of Kidder AND Addington DNA!) So room painted, one project down every day a little closer holding my little girl in my arms! So I think I am deserving of a gold star, don't you?? Here it is!

Nice right? Jealous? Go do something for your wife!

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