Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Evolution of a Nursery - Part 1

We originally called this room the "Back Bedroom" although we secretly knew it was going to be the nursery. :) For the past few months, since we have moved in it has been the catch-all room. Where anything that didn't have a home, found a temporary one. This has all changed now, as I have been attempting to clean it out and get it ready for Lucy-Lu. I love the bright windows in this space - so cheerful. The windows above face East - so the morning sun streams in! We need to get some blinds for the room (so that sleep will continue to happen - hopefully - mornings) and I am on the hunt for fabric for curtains too.
Here is what the room looks like today. The Crib is from my parents - the same one I slept in when I was a baby (I LOVE IT!) - as well as the rocking chair and ottoman. We are planning on getting new cushions for the rocker/ottoman to fit in better with our color scheme and to freshen it up (Thinking green or brownish-tan to allow for future use in a boy-themed nursery and hopefully use in the Living Room when there are no more nursery's in our home).
Here is our thrifty find of last weekend! A solid wood dresser from the Salvation Army - $35. How can you go wrong? I can't wait to sand this baby down - I'll wear a mask. I promise - and give it a fresh coat of white paint. We are going to get new hardware for it too - I am thinking classy stainless steel, something traditional. :)

The little swing is also from my parents - score! I love that it is smaller than normal swings - it doesn't take up as much room. It will eventually be moved into the Living Room, but for now, I like it in here. Here is the crib, all ready for Miss. Lucy. The bumper and crib skirt are from some sweet friends here in Chicago who said they were done with them! Thanks Halpins! I love them! As you can see Minnie Mouse and Lambie are waiting for little arms to hold them! (Thanks Aunt Sue and Uncle Tom for the Lamb - I love the sweet note so much, I haven't cut it off yet!)
The Bumper pad has pink, grey and green lines - and so it has become my inspiration for wall color. We have registered for green storage crates/boxes (to allow for use in a future boy nursery) and I didn't really want a pink nursery. For one, it is so "typical." For two, I think it will add to the house if it was a more nutural, natural color. For three, I love the color grey. This is one room of the house we have not painted ourselves yet - it is a light blue - and although the color is nice, it doesn't fit into our color scheme for the nursery. :) Below are the paint chips that we are deciding on. The room is so bright that I don't think we need to fear about grey paint causing the walls to "cave" in - plus I love all the white trim (around the doors, windows and floor boards) and think it will pop with a grey wall. Right now I think we are deciding between Chip 1 (far left) bottom and Chip 3 bottom. We shall see. Chip 1 bottom is more yellowish - if you can say that - and Chip 3 bottom is more blueish.... I am in limbo.Here is fabric for Lucy's quilt! I can't wait to get started! I need to find a fabric for the backing too - hoping that it will have a bit more grey in it than the others to draw in the color from the walls. :) Another great thrift store find! A little doll bed for Lucy to play with. Some friends thought this was Kristen's bed (the American Girl Doll) but I don't know - what do you think? Ether way, I thought it was a steal at $2. :) I am planning on stripping and painting it. Found this little birdie at Pier One and couldn't pass him up. I have three white shelves that I am planning on hanging up in the room and I think that he will make a nice addition to one of them. Also going on one of the shelves - Baby Pam, "Racky" the Raccoon and "Bear" (Brad and my childhood stuffed animals and my baby doll) - I am so excited!

Well, that's it for now. :) We will keep you posted with any and all of the changes! :) We can't wait for Lucy to come!


Autumn Shea said...

I love your nursery! You've done a BEAUTIFUL job Sarah! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE (no pun intended) the fabrics you bought for the quilt. Amy Butler is wonderful isn't she?! I like that you went a direction other than "all pink". We felt that way, too. I'm sure Lucy will be super content in that room.

Sarah said...

Thanks Autumn! The fabric is actually by Heather Bailey from her Nicey Jane Collection. I found it on Etsy for a deal! :) But I am going to use one of Amy Butler's patterns for the quilt! :) I am hoping to start cutting fabric on Sunday - but we will see. :)

Autumn Shea said...

I realized last night for some reason that it was Heather Bailey's fabrics after all! Dur.... Haha! Still, I DO love her stuff (obviously since A's entire nursery is HB). I really like the combination you chose, too.

Sarah said...

Thank you! I am hoping to find a coordinating grey/white/pink/green fabric for the back of the quilt and another one - hopefully mostly white, but with the same colors - for curtains in the room (I'm thinking Cafe style). I'm almost done with her afghan so I hope to get started on the quilt top this weekend! :)

Sarah said...

Lol - I just realized I was calling the curtains by the wrong name. Cafe Style are only half curtains - I am going to have them hang from the top of the window to the bottom.... :)

Drew and Rachel said...

hey Sarah, and Brad, the sunshine in Lucy's room is good for the soul. It seems like such a special, nurturing place. You guys are brilliant decorators - love the thrifting and refurnishing. Your house is beautiful. Sarah, you are looking beautiful in your baby belly pictures too. I'm glad yall had a good vacation in Florida (no snow/cold! yeesss!) Much love.

drew & rach