Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Trip to The Sunshine State

I love sharing experiences with you all through pictures - I feel like it gives you glimpses into our lives. Plus, I have the memories recorded for the future.

Brad and I had such a great time in Florida at the end of January/beginning of February. We celebrated Brad's birthday at Medieval Times (his choice fyi - not what I would have wanted on my birthday.... but we had a great time)
I wasn't too sure what to think....
But Brad was having a grand time :)
A few days later, we headed to Disney World's Magic Kingdom. It was my first time there - Brad's second. We debated over two different days to go - should we be cold and dry or wet and warm(ish)? We decided on the cold and dry option and were so glad that we did - there were virtually no lines! We arrived first thing in the morning, got to ride everything we wanted and were walking around at 3:30pm wondering what to do next!
The man who started it all.... Mr. Walt Disney himself, and Micky of course :)
My favorite Disney Character (not counting Princesses!) - Minnie
Brad's favorite: Goofy (no surprise... :) )
On the Steam Boat - towards the end of our day, our steam was running out... :)
Couldn't miss this! It's the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House! I grew up watching this movie - I am pretty sure that VHS received more views than any of the others in our home.
The ingenious water system - this made me giddy! :) It was just like the movie!
As many of you know, the number 11 is my favorite. I had to smile when the lady directing us into the shortest line on the It's a Small World ride told us to go to line 11. :)
This is the world that we are entering with Lucy's arrival.... stroller universe.
Brad humored me and rode the Carousel with me - lol he enjoyed it. I promise.
I choose the prettiest horse! :)
This was at Downtown Disney, on a different day - Mr. Buzz Light Year was kind enough to pose with me. :)
And Brad got to stand with Micky and Minnie themselves!
We returned to Chicago feeling rested and excited to go back to Florida in the future with our kiddos. Oh - and we did end up getting Lucy a Minnie Mouse stuffed animal, it is waiting for her in her crib. :)

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kaw said...

Swiss Family Robinson may have gotten a lot of views, but what about POLLYANNA!!! The really good one!?!?!? That was the best! :) I've looked for that Pollyanna several times and can't find it...