Monday, March 15, 2010

I know how.... but wish I was better...

Ok, so I know how to knit - no where near as well as I know how to crochet - but there are times I wish I was better at it.

For example, when Brad and I were perusing the shelves at JoAnn, looking for yarn for Lucy's blanket, he kept seeing samples of yarn that were "worked up" already into squares and saying "I like this, can you do this?" I had to respond, 99% of the time, "Well, I can use that yarn, but it won't look exactly like that because that is knit and I crochet."

My Grandma Chisholm taught me how to knit when I was young - in fact I knew how to knit before I knew how to crochet. For some reason, though, it never caught on.

But projects like this, make me want to knit. Real bad.
Go to: to see more beautiful pictures of this sweater.

Maybe I'll pick knitting up again after I finish Lucy's quilt... :)

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