Friday, March 12, 2010

Before and After - Great Grandma's Vanity Stool

I must begin this post with a disclaimer: this project was done pre-pregnancy and so none of the spray paint fumes hurt our Little One. :)

I can not tell you how much I love taking something that is special, unique, perhaps even inherited and turning it into something that works in our living space. We have done this with a trunk from my great great grandparents (I think that is the right number of greats) by using it as a side table in our Living Room. Having pieces of the past that have been updated is part of carrying on a legacy and it gives so much character to your home. I was, then, thrilled when I saw this little vanity stool in the stuff that had been cleaned out of my Great Grandpa Ivance's home. I had been looking a little plant stand, and this vanity stool fit the bill perfectly.

With a little lovin' it was transformed into a chic, modern, dramatic vanity stool. :) All it took was a little spray paint (which I had leftover from this project) - so it was a free makeover! :)
And here is my entry way, happy and content now that the plant has some height. :) I must let you know, I am not usually a fan of fake plants.... fake flowers, sometimes - when done well - but not fake plants. When thinking about buying a plant for this space last summer I stepped outside my door and was hit with a wall of heat. It dawned on me that our stairwell is not heated or air conditioned and that it would not be kind to a plant to put it out in this harsh environment. So, I decided to see what kind of fake foliage was out there these days and I found a nice selection at Target. The selection was made even nicer by the nice clearance section where I found the plant below (originally $39!, on sale for $8.99. SCORE!). The plant is much happier now that it can sit up off the ground, thanks to the newly purposed vanity stool. And the space itself looks so much more proportionate and welcoming to those coming up the stairs to our home.
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Jenny said...

Love it, Sarah! The plant and stand both look great. :)