Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kidder Kid Conversations

All loaded up in our van ready to pull out of our Pampa driveway,
Lucy: "To Michigan Please! Wait!!! You almost forgot to buckle me in!!" (We remedied that problem ASAP!)

Lucy: "Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a poodle... Actually a bumblebee."

Lucy: "Daddy, what's that?"
Brad: "The sun silly!"
Lucy: "But it doesn't have those spikey thingies."

Brad has more patience than I when it comes to "why" questions and thinks it's funny to see the extremes he can direct the conversation to...
L: "Daddy, do bees like honey?"
B: "Yes Lu, bees love honey."
L: "Why do bees love honey?"
B: "Because it is their food and they need to store it up until winter."
L: "Why do they need to store it up?
B: "Because in the wintertime flowers don't grow."
L: "Why winter?"
B: "Because the earth is on a tilt that makes it different temperatures around the world at different times of the year."
(Silence...... 5ish minutes later)
L: "Daddy, do bees like honey."
B: "Yes sweetheart, do you remember we just talked about that."
L: "Yes, can we talk about it again?"
B: "Ok - yes, bees love honey."
L: "And what else daddy?"

L to M: "I don't want to be your friend right now I'm in time out"

Lu, after listening to the GPS/Siri direct us around town a lot lately, "Daddy, your defination is on the left."

Our country girl, Lucy, pointing to a man waiting in a bus stop alcove, "Why does that man live there?" 

During a Daddy Date:
Brad: "What should we do next kids?"
Lucy: "Lets go to Fazoli's!"
Brad: "No, silly, we just had breakfast."
Lucy: "Ok, Starbucks then."
Brad: "Starbucks? What?!?!"
Lucy: "Yes, Starbucks or Fazoli's - those are the options."

Lucy: "I'm really really phonerd" Brad: "What's that mean?"
Lucy: "It means I really want my phone"

Getting into the car, Lucy: "We are going to the Mall Miss Siri."

Lucy in the car after a direction from Siri: "We got it miss Siri!"

Lucy wandering around Ikea: "Wowie wow wowsome!"

Lucy: "Yod-e-lady yeee hooo! I yodel really well. Sometimes I do it really loud."

Lucy, after hearing Brad and I discuss our lunch options: "These are the options, Pizza.... Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! There are lots of different kinds of Pizza... Bogden Pizza and Cheese Pizza!" (Bogden is a friend who lives in Cleveland but who recently stopped by for a visit on his way to Chicago)

Lucy, whispering her own prayer at a big family function during the family prayer before we ate, "Thank you for this food. Please keep the dinosaurs out of our house."


And an update on Michael boy's language development (we are having more conversations with him too)!! :) Michael said, "Yes" last week! Hurray! He calls me (Sarah) "Baba" and Brad "Dada" - "Da" is still his go-to response for most everything but we are beginning to hear the beginning of "This" which comes out as "Dis" as Michael works hard to vocalize his needs. He signs, "Please,"  "Thank you," "More," "Help," and "All done." And we are working with him to put those signs and his words into full sentences by having him repeat (word for word) after us, ex: "Yes please Baba" or "More please dada." He gets a HUGE smile on his face when he knows he's communicated an idea and we've understood what he wants. We are continuing to pray that Michael would learn a few more words before his little brother comes, but are super encouraged by his growth in the past month! He can also identify tons of animals, some shapes and different types of transportation. He's great at I Spy and can identify the majority of his body parts. So at 20 1/2 months, we are pleased with his progress and are trying to understand that he's 1) a boy and 2) has a VERY verbal sister and we can't expect him to be at the same level she was at at his age. :) Hopefully before long he'll be cracking us up with his humor too - I can't wait to share! :)