Monday, January 25, 2010

Project Completed and Promised Pictures

Things are busy here at the Kidder house, we leave tomorrow for Florida. We are so excited about going on vacation - when you live in the cold north, venturing south for a few days is a welcome relief from the cold. The weather in Orlando is supposed to be in the 70s for the next few days (perfect if you ask me!) and for the most part, Mr. Sun will be shining - there is a chance of thunder storms on Saturday, but I love me a good thunder storm so it will not dampen my spirits. :)
Brad's birthday is on Friday, so we will celebrate with some golf - hopefully I will continue to get better! :)
In order to keep my hands warm, in cold Chicago, I have been working on completing a project for my sister Anna's birthday. It was intended to be a gift last year, but with school, papers and reading - the afghan did not get completed. It is finished now, and ready to mail at the end of February. And my hands are ready to begin a blanket for our daughter! (I already started it, pink and white loverlyness :) ) Here are a few pictures of Anna's blanket:

For those of you who are jealous, or concerned about Laura - rest assured, I made her a blanket a few years back. So all is fair. It makes me happy to think that they can wrap up in these blankets that I have made them, its kinda like a hug from me! :) (although when they need blankets in Texas.... it stays pretty warm down there)

Here is a promised picture of our new(ish) bookcase. It completes our "office wall" and provides some much needed storage. (I say newish only because I got the bookcase for my birthday back in November, and it has taken me this long to post a picture of it....)

I need to apologize, I can't seem to find pictures of our Christmas tree that I promised I would show you (even though it is late, I must keep my word). Alas, I think they got deleted somehow. :( I am sorry.

We are bringing our camera to Florida, and hope to come home with lots of fun pictures. :) Brad wants to buy our Little One a Minnie Mouse - we shall see :)
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