Saturday, January 16, 2010

Catching Up

Hello long lost family and friends,

Yes, the Kidders are still well and alive (I know you were wondering there for a minute). This post is dedicated to my dear friend Linsey who recently wrote me, "Miss Sarah - I need to stalk you, can you please update your blog?" Now, I forgive her for calling me "Miss" she knows I am a "Mrs" now... but since she lives far far away, I decided to oblige and update our blog for her (and you too of course). :) I give you all permission to stalk us (through the blog - don't get crazy on me....).

Sarah Graduated:

As you can see it was a great day with family and friends. I even got a picture with Moody's President (Bottom middle picture) - thanks to my friend Kim for asking him :). We came back home after the ceremony for a great meal, prepared by Brad, and a fun afternoon spent together.

Addington Family in Chicago:

Our time with my family was so much fun! As you can see from the pictures above, the Wii was a big hit! Rock Band and Mario Cart were sources of great entertainment. (I love the look of concentration on so many faces :) ) Jana took some fun pictures of Mom playing Mario Cart - she has them up on Facebook - check them out, definitely priceless. :) We were able to make it to the American Girl place, Laura and Anna loved it! It was so fun to see the look of awe and excitement on their faces. We really missed Becca, she had to stay home because of finals, but we hope to see her soon. :)

Christmas in MI:

Christmas in Michigan was so fun. It was wonderful spending time with family and getting to catch up with the Grandmas. I got to be creative as Lori made Cran-Strawberry Jam (recipe courtesy of Jo Mama) and asked me to make tags for the jars. The tags came out so cute (see picture on the left in the middle) and the task, far from being stressful was so relaxing. Funny how paper can make me so happy. :) The second picture from the left on top was taken first thing on Christmas morning, please excuse Brad and my goofy faces - why everyone else looks beautiful and we don't is a mystery to me :).

New Years in Chicago:

New Years in Chicago was a lot of fun! We had Jenny, Christy and Brandon over for the night (they slept over :) - yes, when you are adult you can still have slumber parties.) We stayed up to celebrate the new year and all crashed afterward. We enjoyed breakfast together the next morning and had an all around good time just spending time together. As you can see from the pictures below, Brad taught them how to play Xbox and they really got into it. :) Thanks to Brandon for bringing the party hats - they helped us get into the "2010" mood. :) We all thought it strange that the noise makers had the address where they were made printed right on them (see the middle bottom picture).

(I have grown to love Picassa's collage maker! :) ) FYI: You can click on any of the pictures to see them in a larger size.

We have resumed our Monday Night Gatherings (MNG). A side note to our Chicago friends, we would love to have you some week if you are able to stop by, just let us know you are coming! :) MNG help all who attend look forward to Mondays, a day that is usually dreaded by all.

Little One is doing well, we have our ultrasound on the 25th - hopefully we will have gender specific news to share! :) Here is a picture of me at 17 weeks. I have since gotten a hair cut and love having shorter hair (just below my shoulders), it feels much more "mom" to me (probably because it is easier to handle). :)

In other news, we enjoyed a three week break from Awana over the Holidays, but are happy to once again be spending our Wednesday nights with 3rd -6th graders. We had over 50 kids last week which made for a rousing game of human foosball! (One of Brad's creative games, the kids LOVE it!)

Coming up in the next few weeks:
1. The promised pictures of the new bookcases and our Christmas tree (which is put away - fyi)
2. Will curtains finally be hung in the Living Room?
3. Is Little One a he or a she?
4. A new Before and After transformation
5. Nesting Part 1: Closets

Love to all!

Sarah (for Brad too)


Linsey said...

You are Mrs. Kidder but I will always call you Miss Sarah :) - Love you - thanks for the update. loved the belly pic and I wish I could see it in person :) - I miss you guys TONS!!!!


kate said...

Hey Sarah,

I loved your post especially your new years collage. You are so cute and crafty. The good kind of crafty, I mean! :)

Love to you, Brad and the Lil One.

ArmyforChrist said...

I don't know if it's my computer, but every time I clicked on the collages to make them bigger, nothing happened. :( I still was able to make out most of them, and it looked like you had a fun holiday season!