Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wonderful News

We are thrilled to announce that in June our family will have a new member! We are pregnant! :) At 12 5/7 weeks Little One is as big as a peach - 3 inches long! :) We heard his/her heartbeat today - it's real, not just something that people tell us is in there. :)

Our baby has all of its life-sustaining parts (heart, organs, intestines ect.) but is continuing to grow stronger (we don't want to see you yet Little One! :) Keep growing!) and grow into his/her head, which is half the size of it's body right now . Little One has fingers and toes that are defined and no longer webbed (like a duck). He/She has working joints (elbows, knees, ect) and fingernails. Highlight: this week it's vocal chords are forming..... I am sure there will be points in my life I love that he/she has vocal chords (like when he/she says "mama" - which is going to be before "dada" :) - and words like, "please" or "thank you" and "I love you") and times that I wish it didn't (like when it talks back - I have been told by Brad's family to get ready for this, but I know I contributed some stubborn genes too :) ).

I have been feeling great - no morning sickness at all. There have been a few times when I have not wanted to finish dinner because my appetite has left me, but I can't complain! Health has been a huge blessing over the past few months as I have been working hard at school (almost done!) and I have been able keep up working. I graduate in 11 days, picking up my cap and gown today made it seem real.... time flies! As of now, I haven't been able to devote much time to thoughts about baby stuff - but once I turn in my last papers next Thursday - my mind is going to be baby, baby and more baby. :)

We are so very excited and are thrilled to be able to share this exciting news with you! :) Here are some of the top questions we have been asked lately:

- When are you due? Our official due date is June 10th.

- Are you going to find out the gender? Yes - we both are "be prepared" people, and we want to have the dresser/closet full of gender specific clothes for Little One. We will let you know as soon as we find out if Little One is a boy or a girl.

- Do you care if you have a boy or a girl? Sarah's Answer: "No." Brad's answer: "Of course we care! We would like it to be one or the other." {He makes me laugh :)}

- Do you have a "mother's intuition" about the gender? Well, when both Brad and I picture having a baby around, we envision a little girl. But we have no experience or factual data to back that up. We will see... :)

- Do you have a name picked out? Yes we do, both a girl name and a boy name. But sorry - Little One's name is going to be a secret until it is born.

Let us know if you have any others! :)

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Drew and Rachel said...

that is wonderful news. I'm so glad you are feeling well, sarah. keep us in the know about how things are going. I especially loved reading your detailed description of your precious little baby. just this morning I was reading the ny times article about an abortion clinic that performs late-term abortions...past 24 weeks even. ugh. i hate to even think about that, it puts tears in my eyes. but then again, abortions in the first trimester are just as sinister, aren't they? anyway, reading your joy over all your baby's little features makes me thankful for goodness, father-given goodness. and I'm thanking him that you guys are salt and light --- a preservative in this world. that was really long. we are excited with you!