Thursday, January 28, 2010

Safe and Sound In Orlando!

We have arrived in Orlando!! The flights and everything else went great! We got off the plane and RAN for a Chik-Fil-A as fast as we could! Sarah and I are thrilled with the hotel so glad we got a steal on We are off to Medieval Times tonight! Check out a picture of our room and one of my beautiful wife and her progressing pregnancy! Check back for updates!


kaw said...

cute as a button, sarah dear!

Linsey said...

:) - I am SOOO jealous :) - Oh how I would love warm weather right now!!! You are looking really pregnant and cute!!!

Love you lots and miss you guys,

Alex Neil said...

sarah I'm pretty sure you are the cutest pregnant gal ever!

Amy Kidder said...

Is that the dress we got Sarah? Regardless its cute! Happy Birthday again Brad! Hope you guys are having a great trip!