Monday, January 25, 2010

The Results are In...

Votes for Boy: 13
Votes for Girl: 14

(Winners receive bragging rights :) )

Official Results: Girl

That's right! We are going to have a daughter! We are so so so excited. :) Here are some pictures of our little princess. :)

The technician was proud of her at one point during the ultrasound and said, "Good girl, you turned!"

I drove Brad into work today after our appointment, I had to smile when he said, in all seriousness, "Someday she is going to want to date a boy. That will be hard." A few weeks ago we were sitting in church and saw a few high schoolers holding hands in the service - What does it say about us as parents when I immediately thought of our baby someday holding their "love's" hand. Okay Sarah, calm down, lets just help her walk and talk first and then we can move on to relationships..... :)

Brad has thought, since we found out we were expecting that it was a girl - even coming home from an "errand" with pink baby clothes. One of the onesies he bought says "Daddy's little Lady" - he is so excited! :)

God is so good to us! We are truly counting our blessings today.

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Autumn Shea said...

I love what you said about thinking about her teen years already! We were watching a sitcom a couple months ago, and the daughter came down the stairs in some skimpy outfit. Brian looked at me in horror and said, "Oh my gosh.
We're going to have a teenage girl someday!" Yikes!!!!!
It's so much fun to anticipate her lovely girliness though. Congratulations!!!