Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lucy's Birthday: Twelve Months

Part 3 of 3, this is the last installment of birthday posts.

A whole year has gone by and my baby girl has grown into a little girl full of spunk, energy and contagious happiness. I love this child. 

This month's accomplishments:

  • Kissing Noises, often made by a "fishy face" being released. :) 
  • First Word, "Ellie" it sounds a bit more like "Allie" but she says it more than mama and dada! She is also saying "dat" ("that") and pointing to what she wants/needs.
  • Whispering, when asked to speak quietly and whisper, Lu says, "habahaba" in a hushed tone. (Cutest thing ever.)
  • Drinking out of a Straw, this happened for the first time at Chipotle in Chicago - very appropriate. 
  • Down the Stair, I didn't even know she could do this, until one day she was in the living room when I had put her in the dining room - so I put her up on the step and she scooted her feet around and went down feet first. She can also dismount the couch now - meaning mom and dad don't have to watch her like a hawk when she is up there. 
  • All by Herself, Lu can get on her bike and put on her necklaces all by herself. What a big girl. 
  • "Hmmmm," when Lucy is hungry, or is really enjoying the food you have prepared for her she makes a "Hmmmmm" sound - I translate it as "Thanks for this amazing food!" or "I think it is time to eat."
And here is the monthly photo collage.

Well, this is the last installment of Lucy's monthly pictures (tears may or may not be coming to my eyes). I am going to have to figure out a new way of keeping track/sharing what she is learning and accomplishing. I keep a running list on my phone of fun things Lucy has done, so maybe I'll just keep posting that with less formal pictures.

I keep reminding myself, there will be monthly pictures to record again soon.... very soon. :)

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