Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Second Time Around

There will be another post, probably next week, about our trip to Chicago and our anniversary - this post is going to be on a different topic. Can you guess what it is? Perhaps our Tweets from yesterday will help you figure it out... 
Twitter post from Brad yesterday morning: 
“3 years with my beautiful wife Sarah Joy Kidder, what a blessing she is to me, Lucy and Baby Kidder to be!!” 
Twitter post from Sarah yesterday morning: 
“Yet another anniversary I can’t be 100% alone with my hubbie - Lu will be with a sitter tonight but little one #2 will tag along :)”
(Did you get it?) 
Baby number 2 is due to arrive in December, around the 11th. Well, that date isn’t official, it’s what the internet thinks - we haven’t been to the dr yet, so I’ll update you if the date changes after our first visit. We are 12.5 weeks along.... 27.5 to go! :) 
As many of you know we used a group of midwives in Chicago for both pre/post natal care. I LOVED THEM. I wish I could move the whole group to Pampa so they could help me through this preganancy too, but that would cost a lot of money and just isn’t that realistic. So we are going a different route with this preganancy (after MUCH debate), we are going to be using an OBGYN in Pampa. I have heard great things about Dr. Jill Terry and I am excited to meet her soon. 
Here is a fun video that shows how our baby is growing and moving right now:

Side note: When Lucy and I watched this video for the first time, she had a HUGE smile on her face and looked up at me with a lot of excitement - melt. my. heart. (She has NO idea what is coming)
When we announced we were pregnant with Lucy, we answered some questions that we had been asked frequently so I decided to do the same here too. :) 
Were you trying? Yes. 
Do you want a boy or girl? We would be happy with ether! I think it would be fun if it was a girl, because Lucy could have a best friend growing up (I loved having a sister who was close in age to me!). I would also love it to be a boy - the pressure is on people! If we don’t have a boy, the Kidder name dies. That would be bad. And I don’t want that to happen, so I would love the baby to be a boy, but Brad has a feeling we are going to have a gaggle of girls. :) 
Are you going to find out the gender? Yep, I like to name the baby so that I can prepare for it’s arrival. We will need more clothes, even if this baby is a girl, since the season is completely opposite of when Lucy was born - winter instead of summer. 
How far apart will Lucy and the new baby be? They will be 18 months apart, close enough to be best buds who have to be reminded that “sharing is fun!” 
What names are you thinking about? Remember when “you” asked (well, maybe we just answered...) this question when we were expecting Lucy? We said, “We are keeping it a secret!” but then we spilled the beans? Well, we decided to tell you the name after we find out the gender this time, we aren’t even going to try to keep the news to ourselves because we know we can’t keep a secret.  
Are you feeling ok? YES! I am so blessed (again) to not be feeling morning sickness! I have been tired, but not as tired as I remember being with Lucy (probably because I am not working two jobs and finishing up school at the same time).
Any questions I have missed? Please let me know and I would be happy to answer
We have been thinking a lot recently about how we are reacting to this pregnancy in relation to how we reacted to to the first one. It is strange being pregnant with your second child. It may not be this way for everyone, but in my experience (so far) I have noticed I am not as “on top” of reading the day-to-day updates on what is happening with Little One #2, I still read the weekly updates and marvel at how God has designed life to begin but this pregnancy isn’t on my mind as much as the first one was. This isn’t because I am not excited - I am THRILLED - I have a baby to care for and duties around the house and at church that need to get done. And it is the second time we have done this, so there isn’t as much mystery as there was the first time around. Does that make sense?

So, that is our exciting news! :) We will keep you updated, as best we can. :) 


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