Friday, June 3, 2011

Fixin' Up Friday: The day I cut my carpet.

Note to husband self: When using spray insulation, cover the carpet beneath you.

Because this stuff will make your carpet look like this: 
 Do you see the yellow spot? Not the nicest decorating touch....

Solution? Well, if your carpet has a nice "pile" (which happens to be the technical term for how long the yarn of your carpet is - who knew?), like ours, just grab your favorite pair of scissors and attack snip away the top of each tuft.

 Because of the lighting in this picture, you can still see a bit of the foam remains - but in person, it is not visible, unless you get down on your hands and knees. 

(If you do that at my house, I will think you are strange)

Warning, snipping your carpet will leave the surrounding area looking like this:

As an extra bonus: 

For those spots that go deeper into your carpet, may I suggest the-best-carpet-cleaner-in-existance?

Folex Carpet Spot Remover. This stuff is amazing - it takes out coffee stains, animal "oopsies," and soda stains! I bought mine from Bed Bath and Beyond for about $8, but the container is huge - very worth it. :)

I feel a bit ashamed I only posted 3 times in May. I promise June will be better - mostly because I have a TON to catch you up on! 


Anonymous said...

HELLO SARAH-- bummer news. Bill had surgery to put in a pace maker and now 2 wks later he is breaking out in a really itchy rash.
so he has been to ER 2x today and they are trying to find the source.
Hey, I like the carpet and thanks for the tips.
By the way, we are moving to Huntsville, Al. in August. Love Nina

courtney linn said...

Lol that's so funny