Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Playing in the Snow

If you think that Texans never experience real snow - I'd like to educate you. We've had a long and eventful winter! 2012-2013 has been anything but predictable! We've played at the park in short sleeved shirts in January and been snowed into our home for 24 hours in February. No lie. We've had at least two good snows (at this point the weather has started to blurr together because it's been so crazy) - one was perfect for playing outside and the other was a bit harsh for play-time. :) 

During Michael's morning nap, Lucy and I were able to sneak outside for some fun in the snow. :) 

Lucy LOVED it! She had a huge grin on her face the entire time and had so much fun exploring. 

Making her first snow angel :)

Here's a fun video of Lu's first snowball - she was practicing for some family snowball wars this next winter in Michigan. :) 

Proof that I made a snow angel too.... I don't like laying in snow - so don't expect a mommy-snow angel every year. :) 

"Mommy! I'm going to throw a snowball at you!"

My sweetie. She's so great. 

Lucy and I did not get a chance to make a snowman that morning - I couldn't find my winter gloves... but Brad wanted to play in the snow when he got home from work! So he and Lucy headed outside to play together and build a snowman. 
This picture cracks me up! I'm pretty sure Lucy was making a snow angel - but it's pretty funny to see her flat on her back in the snow. Lucy decided she wanted to wear her "Snow suit" - a hand-me-down that I've had for YEARS in the closet. It was "retired" after she wore it this time - a bit impractical and short to be useful in cold situations... plus she couldn't really move in it. Hahahaha!

The finished snowman! :) (See isn't the "snow suit" hilarious?)

Lucy talked abou the snowman for days and days after it melted - she loved it! 

And now, allow me to tell you about Pampa's snowpocolipse. 

The whole of Texas' Panhandle experienced blizzard like conditions on February 24th and 25th. It was so bad that TDOT shut down the highways and highly recommended that people not leave their homes. We had two (or three) snow days here in Pampa as the town recovered from 16 inches of snow and HIGH winds. Our family enjoyed one snow day cooped up in the house. We didn't complain! We had everything we needed for a few days and enjoyed our time together so much! 

Lucy and Daddy decided to "venture out" in the midst of things - Michael and Mommy decided to stay inside.

The dogs seemed to really enjoy the snow - they romped and played all over the yard. 

They enjoyed having some company even more than playing alone! :) This area of the yard was pretty shallow compared with other areas - because of the high winds, there were snow drifts that were 4 1/2 feet deep... in our backyard!

Lucy wasn't even outside for 5 minutes and she knocked on the door and gave me this face. She wanted to come in and warm up. :) 

Do you have any snowpocolipse stories of your own? :) 

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