Friday, May 10, 2013

Easter: Dying Eggs

We had planned on doing a low-key Easter Egg hunt with Lucy and Michael after their naps on Easter Sunday - but when we went to buy plastic eggs.... we couldn't find them anywhere in Pampa! Walmart, United, CVS and the Dollar Store were all sold out! I guess that's what you get when you wait until the day before to look for the supplies you need for your activity. :) We decided to dye eggs instead, it was so fun - Lucy LOVED it. :) 

Waiting for mom and dad to get set up. :) She was a great helper and got her placemat out. 

Michael was excited too! Haha - he and I observed as Lucy and daddy died the eggs. (Would you believe that I had never died eggs before - Yes, I am 25 years old and have NEVER done it before.) 

Dropping the egg in together. 

Turning it around.

She was so curious! 

I love this picture of Lucy and Brad - they were having so much fun. :)

We found a Disney Princess egg dying kit that had sticky jewels to add to the colored eggs! Lucy took them off their backing and Brad stuck them on - they were kinda hard to stick on to the eggs.

Lucy was really proud of her egg!

When I was younger - instead of Easter Egg hunts, we would hunt for the 11 disciples that fled when Jesus was arrested! My mom made these adorable clothes-pin men and she and dad would hide them around the house and we'd run around hunting them! Haha it makes me laugh to think about it now, but  it was so much fun as kids - to have a tradition that we did every year (sometimes when it wasn't even Easter! We liked it so much). Our kids are getting to the ages that they are beginning to remember the fun things we do and that has made me think about being intentional about the traditions we establish as a family. We have the Christmas Advent Tree and Gingerbread House Traditions for Christmas time - what other holidays do you celebrate as a family using traditions to make your time memorable? 

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