Friday, May 3, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas 2012 was spent in Michigan with Brad's side of the family - Great Grandma Kidder was able to join us for breakfast and gifts on Christmas morning, it was so fun to celebrate the day with multiple generations in the same room.

Sleepy eyes, excited smiles - the perfect Christmas Morning! :) Michael's jammies are the ones Lucy wore on her first Christmas! 
See? Isn't that fun? It made me happy all day. 

Lucy did a really good job waiting for her turn and opening gifts - she got these new boots and they were a HUGE hit for my shoe-loving girl. :)

I have no idea what Dad opened here - but I love how happy he looks. :) 

Great Grandma Kidder loves chocolate Turtles and we found her a HUGE Texas-sized box of them! 

She was quite tickled - so cute! 

Daddy showing Lucy how her new Princess Play Dough Set works. :) 

Amy opening her table runner :) 

We got Dad a Tiger's Keyboard for his desk at work 

Lucy hanging out with Great Grandma and talking about her new Doctor's Kit. 

Enjoying some new dollhouse furniture and royalty 

The King and Queen were tired, as were all the subjects from their land! :) 

I feel terrible - Michael went to sleep soon after we started opening gifts and I didn't get any pictures of him enjoying the morning (maybe because he was on my lap?). We had an unexpected sit-down breakfast before gifts - so fun and relaxing but it set our schedule back an hour and Michael was tired. So he opened a few gifts and then headed down for a nap. We opened the rest of his gifts later Christmas evening when we got home from the big-extended-family gathering. :)

It was a wonderful day, focused on family and celebration. :) I love Christmas time! 

Especially when I get to remember it in May! Haha ;)


Elise said...

I can't handle how precious these photos are. I loved Kidder Christmas in May! I think it should be a tradition to keep the love all year long!

Elise said...
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