Thursday, December 29, 2011

Going Home

We wanted to go home ASAP after Michael arrived and we pushed to be out 24 hrs after he was born - we almost made it! They had to do a blood test on Mikey exactly 24 hours after his first feeding and even though he ate at 12:20 the nurses recorded that he ate at 1:00.... meaning we had to stay an extra hour..... Oh well - we were packed and ready to go! :)

 After having his heel pricked (again) - Michael was very ready to go home! "Get me out of here mom!"

I gathered quite a nice bracelet collection in our short stay! :)

 His going-home outfit - a friend correctly said, "It's a little Brad outfit!" :) Even though the pants and sweater were NB sized - they were pretty big on the little guy - oh well - it makes for some cute pictures! :)

 He has a dimple on his right cheek - just like his mamma! :) 

 Being wheeled through the cold hallways.

 Getting all buckled in - the first time in the car seat always takes a few minutes to adjust the straps.... Michael wasn't a huge fan. 

 After a short 3 minute drive, we made it home safely...

...and were greeted by Grammy!

Welcome Home Sweet Boy! :)