Thursday, December 29, 2011

Michael's Visitors

The Tapp Ladies stopped by the hospital before we left on Friday morning - it was a welcome distraction as we were packed and ready to go home 3 hours before we were discharged. :) 

 Camryn and Michael 


The next day, Saturday - Karmen Buck and Shanna Buck came over to see the little man,
 Karmen meeting Michael


 Love Karmen's face here - very "her" :)

Later that day, Mom and Dad Kidder arrived in town! 
 Greeting Grandma at the door. :)

 Grandpa and Michael :)

 Grandma and Michael - Grandpa is talking to Lucy in this one :)

So sorry Rusty, Misty, Michelle G, Carol and Jim, Laura and Josh, Keely and Jeremiah and Susan that I didn't have the camera close by when you stopped by! We appreciate you coming to see our little guy and are so thankful for your friendship!


courtney linn said...

Shere did get a lot of visitors.:)

Drew and Rachel said...

he's a wonderful-looking little boy, sarah!

your in-laws seem like such nice people, so amiable, warm and supportive. that's just the feeling I get from the pictures you have posted of them.