Friday, August 29, 2008

Surprise weekend away!

The first week of our new fall schedule has gone well, I have classes on Tuesday and Thursdays and then work M W F. We have been wondering what to do this weekend (Monday is labor day, and we don't have to work! :) ) and hadn't been able to think of anything that sounded worthy of the long weekend. But Brad texted me yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, while I was in classes, "I have a huge surprise for you!" That got my interest piqued! :)

When Brad picked me up after work, he gave me a series of clues:

My reaction: "We are getting new hubcaps?!?!?!" lol we have been missing our front two hubcaps for some time now, and it was the first thing I noticed when I saw this picture.... "No, not hubcaps" Brad replied with a smile...

My Reply: "Cotton Candy! That is not healthy!"

Now, after seeing this, I immediately thought Minnesota, "We are going to Minnesota to hear John Piper on Sunday - no, WE ARE GOING TO THE FAIR!!!" :)

We leave this afternoon at about 2, we are so excited! We will post some pictures when we get back! :)

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