Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Porch

We have thoroughly enjoyed having a porch on which to grill and eat, read and relax.
Grilled Goodies for Summer 2009 (so far): Chicken, hamburgers, hotdogs, salmon and potato rounds (didn't work as well as anticipated - but hey, we tried!). Next we are going to try some Mahi Mahi.... We'll let you know how it goes!
I found that window in the ally! I am going to use it to decorate somewhere.... haven't decided yet. :)

Pretty flowers! Thanks Mom K!

Who'da thunk that we would use our outdoor chairs on our porch before we took them camping?
When we eat outside we bring our step-stool out. It functions well as a little table between our chairs.

We use the back stairs as our entrance, its closer to the garage, where the car lives - the stairs are to the right in this picture and the one above. So this is the view we get when we approach our house on an every-day basis. I love the star on the door - it says "Howdy" :)
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