Sunday, June 28, 2009

Goodbye Apartment 301

You know the strange feeling of sadness mingled with excitement. I felt it distinctly in the fall of 2006 when my family drove out of the parking lot at Moody after dropping me off and helping me get settled into my room at school. And I felt it again yesterday as I locked up our first apartment for the last time.

There have been so many memories….

….Like the day after our wedding when we had family and friends over to open gifts and eat left over wedding food.

….Like when I came home from work (this happened on numerous occasions) and my sweet husband had the table set, candles lit and a beautiful dinner prepared for us.

…. Like the time when Brad decided to blow out all the afore mentioned candles with a bottle of air, and was surprised at the fire ball that occurred (we laughed so hard!).

….Like the time we brought Chloe home and watched her shaking little kitten body wander around her new home.

….Like when we set up our first Christmas tree.

….Like when we had 22 people in our small home in addition to our monster Christmas tree.

….Or like when we spent lazy Saturdays at home, not venturing out at all.

Our prayer when we moved in to apartment 301 is that it would be a place of peace and rest, for both us and any friends and family who would walk through its door. There have been times of laughter and tears, peace and unrest, fun and drudgery. I am so thankful for our first year of marriage, and that it was spent here. It has been so much fun.

This is where we began our life as a married couple. Where we have worked through “married life” issues, and adjusted to life. God taught me a lot about myself in our first home – and I am thankful that that knowledge will comes with me to our new home – and I can not wait to see what he will teach me there!

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