Sunday, March 15, 2009

St Patties Day

Chicago gets crazy on the weekend before St. Patricks Day! There is a parade and the city dyes the river green! The river is usually "green" in the first place, so I wasn't expecting much different. But as Brad and I neared the river, we were shocked!!!
As the news caster said later in the day - "That color green does not exist in nature!"

I agree...

Paul's First Missionary Journey

As an assignment for my Acts class we had to make a map of Paul's first missionary journey. The professor, Dr. Marty, left the assignment pretty vague so that the class could, if they chose to, get creative. I did choose to. :)

Brad and I love a show called "Ace of Cakes". Go to the website - so very cool. We are often inspired by Chef Duff (who has the best laugh, second only to my brother!). And now, with my assignment, had an outlet that we could be creative.

Here is the result:
There are little flags, marking each stop on Paul's journey.

Dr. Marty loved it - and went and got plates and a knife so I could cut it for the class. :) It was a hit!

Friday, March 6, 2009

March Already?

Ok, so... so much for updating this every Friday (notice how February got skipped all together?). I am sending out an apology to all who anxiously come to our blog, eagerly expecting an update on our life and are grossly disappointed with the lack of any new word. "I am sorry!" I feel guilty when I read the blogs of others and myself get disappointed when there is a lack of new posts.

We are doing well here in Chicago. Our spirits have lifted as the Sun has made more appearances in the last few days. And the weather has been phenomenal! Who can have a bad day when it is a sunny 55 degrees outside? Compared to the negative temperatures we experienced in January, this is heaven! It is so much fun to see the city come back to life. Like a bear coming out of hibernation, we are seeing more people out on the streets - walking, running, biking and roller blading. It has been especially fun to see strollers and kids jumping down the sidewalk again – and you can tell the moms and nannies are happy to get them outside! The question on everyone’s mind is, “Will the weather stay?” We hope so!

Work has been going well for Brad. Things have been really busy for him as they have been moving their office from a rented space across the street from the church into new offices in the church building. The move is finished now so now they are just settling in and getting organized in their new space. Some exciting news: Brad got a promotion! His boss Kirk is taking a job closer to home (He lives with his family in Wheaton, a suburb of Chicago, and commutes into the city on a daily basis) and is stepping down. Brad’s new title is “Coordinator of the Media Ministry.” We are continually amazed at how God provides for us, literally, above and beyond what we could have though possible.

As of 9:50am this morning, I am on Spring Break. Two weeks of no-homework bliss! (Well, I am working ahead, but it is nice not to have any pressing assignments in the near future) Plans for break:

1) Give the house a thorough, down deep, cleaning – I was sick with the flu last week (not a fun experience) so it has been a little longer than I would like since I gave our home some good old fashioned TLC.

2) Finish my painting – I started an oil painting a while ago, and although I have loved learning about painting (a topic I knew nothing about) and practicing my “skills” is relaxing there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the week for me to pull out all the supplies, set up shop, paint, and clean up. Break is a perfect opportunity for me to get creative! I’ll post some pictures of it when I am done (hopefully before two weeks are up!)

3) Read a “for-fun” book. I started one already, French Women Don’t Get Fat. It’s a book about moderation and enjoying the food you eat! I am really enjoying it so far, the author is a spunky French woman who has lived in the states for 30+ years. She knows both cultures really well and writes with humor and an air of sophistication.
Tonight Brad and I are having an "us" night - we are both looking forward to it! :) We haven't decided if we are going to go out, or stay in.... whatever we end up doing I am sure we will have fun - it is so nice to spend time together!
Hopefully you will be hearing from us again soon… (I’ll try to update before April!) Love and hugs to all!