Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Good Eats

Brad and I love this show!

Alton Brown - the Host, shows you the science behind food. Often getting very creative with food.

We learned lots from an episode about steak, so we decided to try out what we learned.

We bought a huge piece of meat from CostCo... (Chloe was excited about it too :))



During.... (Brad is really happy!!!! :) Having a lot of fun!)

And here are the finished steaks!! Ohhhhhh.... they were so so so wonderful! (and cost effective too!)
We ate them with Brandon and Christy, celebrating Brandon's new job.
This was such a fun project! We can't wait until there is another fun occasion for us to get a hunk of meat again! :)

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Carrianne Photography said...

Sarah...you have do have another hunk of meat...his name is Brad!! HAHA (I couldn't resist)!