Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kidder Family Update

Hello! It has been a few weeks since I have been able to spare a minute to update the blog with pictures and news of our family. We have been super busy - traveling, packing and visiting with friends - so much so that I haven't had time to even look through any of the pictures we have taken in the past three weeks. But I have started going through them today - and hope over the next few days to bring you up-to-date with what has been going on in our lives. :)

Our house is in boxes right now. I am feeling right-on-schedule as far as packing goes - our walls are bare of pictures and our table, and all surfaces for that matter, are cleared of decorations. Our home feels a little void without it's ornaments. But we are getting antsy to move.

Wednesday is Brad's last day at work. The movers come Thursday morning at 8am. We hope to be on the road by noon - staying in St. Louis Thursday night - and arrive in Pampa late Friday afternoon.

We have shed a few tears already. We will miss Chicago. Lake Shore Drive. Downtown. Starbucks. Chipotle. High Buildings. The beautiful parks. We will miss our friends. Old School friends who still live in the area. Church friends. Work friends. Small Group friends. We will miss our house. It's hardwood floors. It's "tree-house" views. It's spacious dining room. It's jacuzzi tub. We know we will love Pampa. We know we will make new, wonderful friends. We know we will find a new, beautiful home. The whole transition is just... bitter sweet.

Lucy is doing well - as you will see in the upcoming pictures. She was such a trooper as we traveled to Minnesota one weekend and Michigan the next. She has started going to bed earlier in the evenings, around 9, and as long as we have had a pretty consistent day (schedule wise) she will only wake up once - around 4:30am. We have been so thankful for her sweet presence in our family - we love her.

Okey dokey... I'm off to edit pictures for you. :) Hopefully I'll post some today.

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