Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Little One #2

Get ready for a pregnancy update on our new Little One. We are half way done with this pregnancy - so strange! It seems like time has FLOWN by! I'm so looking forward to this next half of the process because the baby's movements will be much more noticeable to me and to those "on the outside" (daddy's excited to feel kicks!). Officially, for those who are interested, we are in our 20th week of pregnancy.

I have once again,  been really healthy during this pregnancy and have only noticed a few differences this time around (comparing it with Lucy's pregnancy). I did have about 2-3 weeks of on-and-off morning sickness, I've been a bit more achy than I remember being last time and I think I am carrying this baby a bit higher than I did Lucy (but I don't know for sure). Here is a picture of my baby "bump:"

 19 weeks - it's windy here!

We had our 20 week ultrasound today! Here are some of my favorite pictures that were captured: 
Face and right arm/hand (head is on the right)

 Two adorable feet! 

The spine - such a miracle. 

We also discovered that IT'S A BOY!!! Yep!! The Kidder name doesn't have to die! We will have a son to carry on the legacy. :) We are so excited. Thrilled. 

(We do have a VERY GOOD picture that let's us know that the baby is, indeed, a boy. But daddy Brad has requested we save his son's manhood and not publish the picture online. :) ) 

And I know many of you are wondering about the name:
Michael Bradley Kidder
Michael is a Hebrew name meaning, "Who resembles God?" and Bradley (named after his daddy) is an English name meaning, "From the broad meadow."  There is a tradition in Brad's family to use the father's name as the firstborn son's middle name. We are excited and honored to carry on the tradition. :) Plus I love substantial and strong male names and both Michael and Bradley fit the bill perfectly. 

We were right on with the due date, our calculations said December 11th and little Michael's measurements line up with a December 12th due date. :) Plus the Chinese Gender Calculator was correct (for the second time! It guessed Lucy's gender too!) in guessing a boy - pretty fun!

Well, this little one doesn't know what's coming...
...but I'm sure she'll make a great big sister. Plus she can remain my "favorite little girl" for a bit longer. That makes this mamma's heart happy.

I stand in awe today at how God has designed life to begin. SUCH a miracle. I am so blessed.


Rach said...

Congratulations to all of you! That is so exciting! Lucy and Michael...that sounds good together. :)

Drew and Rachel said...

a BOY!

named MICHAEL!

I like both of these things.

Sarah said...

Rachel S: Thank you! We are thrilled. I'm glad you like the names together - I do too! It will be fun to have one of each, future kiddos will have both a doting sister and an annoying brother! :) What could be better?!

Rachel A: I hoped you would like it - it is hard to choose a name in our family that hasn't already made an appearance! :) I've been loving your posts lately!

courtney linn said...

So happy for you.:)

Drew and Rachel said...

haha :) ...I know it's hard to find a good godly name that hasn't already been's like people have to start calling their kids obscure things like "Titus" and "Gavrel" ... hehe.

much love.