Friday, October 18, 2013

Preparing for Gordon

All of our Gordon-Preparations are done (with the exception of packing a hospital bag). I've sewed my heart out, crocheted until I felt like my hand was going to fall off and enlisted Brad's help to move some furniture. :) 

 Our room has been rearranged to accommodate the rocking chair, and bassinet. We - well - Brad, stacked our nightstands in the closet and pushed the bed against the wall to make this possible. I'm pleasantly surprised by how well it all fits! 

 We'd like to find a little table or set of drawers to put between to the bed and rocker - a place for phones and nursing/baby stuff. 

 The rocking chair used to be in the kids room - we switched it out for another chair and changed the corner in their room a bit. 

 Brad went to Detroit for a day to visit a church plant there and was able to stop at Ikea on the way home, he got this great "map" rug for the kids and new feather pillow insert for me(Baxter demolished one of mine - long, but kinda funny, story.). It has helped this corner not feel so bare - plus the kids have enjoyed it!

Here's a view from the rocking chair across the hall - I like that I have a (small) line of sight into the space where Lu and Michael play. I'm hoping this is helpful while nursing, time will tell. 

 Onto all the details on this adorable basinet!

 We are the third generation of Kidders to use this basinet! I love family heirlooms. Grandpa Wayne slept in it when he was a little baby and so did Brad and Aunt Amy! :) Lucy and Michael both slept in our pack-n-play during their first weeks but I am so thankful to have a smaller bed for Gordon in our smaller space. We're still hoping to utilize the pack-n-play though, the plan is to set it up downstairs in the dining room so we have a place to set Gordon up off the floor and out of reach of his siblings (Haha - that's probably wishful thinking!).

 To soften and freshen it up a bit, I made a liner from left-over boy-bedding fabric (this is what the crib skirt and curtains were made out of for Michael's nursery) and few custom mattress pads and sheets to fit the mattress of the basinet. 

 Here's Gordon's finished quilt! I wanted to use blue and green, like Michael's, but pull in some red (instead of orange - like M's) - I'm thrilled with how it turned out. :)

 I can't make my babies a quilt without green polkadot backing! :) 

 Matching pillowcase for me to use at the hospital and for Gordon to use later when he graduates from the crib to a big-boy bed. :) 

 I used the zig-zag fabric as inspiration for coloring for Gordon's afghan. 

 Granny Square Afghan 

 This is actually the same type of yarn I used for Michael's afghan - I even used three of the same colors (but added red)! (To see Michael's afghan, click here.) I knew I wanted red in Gordon's afghan and wanted to incorporate white with green or blue, but blue/red/white reads "americana" and red/green/white reads "christmas" - so I decided to use all four colors. :) 

 Customized Burp Cloths (I made 6, two of them are in the "put in hospital bag" pile).

 Mamma-Made Swaddles, two flannel and two gauze - I'm excited to try the gauze ones! I've never used them on my kiddos but have liked how they "wrap" when swaddling friend's babies. 

 My mom sent Gordon's "Grammy Blanket" and pillow a bit early! I love them! Lucy and Michael cuddle up in their Grammy Blankets with their matching pillows all. the. time in the living room - I'm excited for Gordon to join in the fun too! :) 

 Isn't that ABC fabric amazing? LOVE IT! 

 Here's Gordon's coming home outfit - I'm so excited about it! We are fans of the show Project Runway and this darling "suit" is similar to one of the "design a baby outfit" winners from a few seasons ago. I especially like that the zipper doesn't go all the way up the neck - zippers on new babies, in my experience, tend to be scratchy. 

 This isn't the shirt the outfit came with - but I'm sure you'll see it in other pictures on Gordon. It has monsters on it and I wanted something a little more "sweet" for his coming home outfit - not than an electric guitar falls into the "sweet" category ether though haha! The sentiments are "sweet" right? :)

Last but not least, my Uncle sent Gordon's "buddies!" Meet the "Gators" - aren't they adorable? I love their texture! Michael has his Moose and now Gordon has some Gators to keep him company. :) 

Ok Gordon boy, we're ready! Come whenever you'd like.

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