Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wanna be my Caddy?

A few Saturdays ago, Jenny, Brandon, Brad and I all went golfing!
Jenny and I driving our golf cart.

Brandon - silly as always. :)

Brad, practicing his swing

Brad and Brandon in their golf cart.

Brad has applied for a few Mystery Shops* at golf courses, he hasn't been accepted for most of them, but a few weeks ago, he was asked to go to Sugar Creek Golf Course with three other friends so he could analyze the service and condition at the course.
We played 9 holes. Brad against Sarah/Jenny/Brandon's best ball. Brad, of course, won.... for those of you who don't know, he played golf in high school.
I was recently given a set of golf clubs from the family I babysit for - THANKS PAMELA!!! - so hopefully Brad and I will be able to get out a few more times this summer/fall to play. There is a golf course two blocks north of our house.....
* Mystery Shopping is a service that analyzes/critiques how a business is doing (i.e.. customer service, cleanliness of grounds/building, quality of service rendered). Brad has been picking up a few jobs whenever he gets time and making a bit of extra spending money. Usually the business reimburses you for a pre determined amount of money and pays between $10-$15. In the case of the golf course - they reimbursed us for the game and $20 of money spent in the club house.
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